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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Reincarnation2ReincarnationName:Institution:Course:Tutor:Date It was one great evening as we sat around a table together with our family. Questions were lingering upon me as mediated a Hindu believe of reincarnation, and the red dot which always appeared on my mum. This paper tries to analyze the challenges of such beliefs and my personal outcome of having such belief to the Hindus community. Reincarnation is a Hindu religious believe whereby an aspect of a living being goes and starts a new life in various physical form or body after each biological death.

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It is part of the Samsara doctrines of existence. It being a central tenet in all major Indian religions, which include the Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism and Jainism.

According to Hinduism, reincarnation is a major Hinduism tenet, the soul which is perceived as eternal and too, being part of spiritual realm, gets back to the physical realm in the new body and it results into a perfection and ends up reuniting with its soul. A soul completes the cycle several times as it learns new things each and every time while working through its Karma. It is during this process that the soul enters into many bodies and assumes various forms. It passes through different deaths and births. Reincarnation to the Hindus is not limited to humans, spreads to other living organisms. Mums red dot, despite implying divine sight and an indication that one is a Hindu, my mum does not recognize this. To her, she beliefs it is for her beauty only hence diluting its religious meaning.

This is not to her only, but also other women too, use it as beauty ignoring its Hindu religious meaning. Bhagavad gita summarizes reincarnation as just as a man discards worn out clothes and puts on new clothes, the soul discards worn out bodies and wears new ones.(2.22)This belief is found in ancient cultures. It is a belief of soul preexistence does not necessarily show that reincarnation. The mechanism akin to karma which shows that lives are apportioned to returning sols on the basis of their previous lives behavior. The behaviors which is carried forward may be seen in the form of wrong behaviors or sins that are likely to be punished in future lives or it can also be in the form of failure for the soul to detaching from the worldly concerns, (Paul, 2013). The persons life state is partially seen as mare deserts of his actions as well as the mind state in his previous existence. If reincarnation was a true belief, living things would continuously suffer the pain of many deaths.

Always this may lead to remembering such a pain. It is therefore, an experience many would not want to keep reviving over and over along their life existence. Growth would be continuous and endless to all human beings as well as living organisms. An example sis keeping going through puberty in each life. Also, through reincarnation it would be a strange phenomenon, to be a man in a certain life stage and woman in the next stage. There being consequences for any action taken, one would be smart enough in knowing which animal would kill him and also one would care less because of having the awareness of having another life to live either sinfully or changing ones ways of living, (Paul, 2013).This idea would result in changing one for the worst and too one would try in getting away with everything that he encounters.

So after all, I do think that the belief of reincarnation has a lot of short comings and should be done away with. If Reincarnation exists, there would be solutions to many problems. We must therefore have the awareness, that failure to use careful and subtle thinking, there is a possibility of becoming catalysts for other potentially theological problems.

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