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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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“Essay on Sirens Prompt: Explain how the different points of view impact the tone and the portrayal of the sirens in Homer’s The Odyssey and Margaret Atwood’s “Siren Song.” Ozzy Vaughn Mrs.Karberg The Odyssey and “Siren Song” February 28, 2019 Both Homer and Atwood portray the sirens as mythologically powerful women whose temptations are irresistible. Homer portrays the sirens as evil monsters who are feared by all men who encounter them. His tone is fearful. On the other hand, Atwood’s portrayal of the sirens is a more personal call to the reader through temptation and flattery.

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Her tone is hypnotizing. Homer in the Odyssey and Atwood in the “Siren Song” give different portrayals of the sirens through their point of view and tone.

Homer portrays the sirens as monsters who are feared by all who confront them, “They bound me hand and foot in the tight ship.” The desire for Odysseus to be bound to the ship’s mast is a frightful idea. The men who pass by the sirens must not be able to hear the song or they will follow the sirens, “ I carved a massive cake of beeswax… and laid it thick on their ears.” Odysseus and his men trusted Circe and plugged their ears with the beeswax, and wondered if they would make it past the sirens alive. Atwood portrays the sirens as more hypnotizing than fearful. Atwood reaches out to the reader with a personal touch of flattery. Atwood states “ you are unique”, “ shall I tell you the secret”, “ to you, only to you” It is as Atwood is placing the reader under a spell. The use of the word you” emphasizes the connection between the reader and the siren. “This is the one song everyone would like to learn”, “ the song that forces men”, ”that is irresistible and that works every time.”

The repetition of “the song” almost hipnotizes the reader. Atwood’s luring phrases appeal to the reader’s curiosity through the form of flattery. In conclusion, the sirens are mythical creatures who are half bird half human and want to lure men who pass by their island. Homer and Atwood both have similar thoughts on the sirens. But both have very different portrayals on them. Whether evil or hypnotizing the sirens song will always result in death.”

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