1984 Literary Essay

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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In the novel 1984 war ment peace, freedom ment slavery, and ignorance ment strength. This novel very intriguing yet dark and twisted, the novel all began with an average man with an average job and an average life named Winston Smith, but what you don’t know is how unruly the government is. The government believes everyone they have in their grasp they completely and utterly control, they have dehumanized humans to the point where they can’t hardly think for themselves their deeply brainwashed.

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It didn’t take Winston very long to grasp the concept he might be happier if he were free. He is very observant he tends to watch other people around him to better fit into big brother guidelines, because he has the need and the urge to have freedom. One day however Winston decided to commit a thoughtcrime which could very well be punishable by death, he is a certain interesting individual in a totalitarian state where he cannot resist the urge to rebel. When he began writing in the diary he knew he had become an thought criminal, he comes the realization that since writing in book from the beginning he was doomed. There was a Two minute hate routine daily that would raise people’s hatred towards their enemies from the other states, plus a spot light for their supreme leader Big Brother. During the ceremony Winston noticed two other people in particular whom are O’brian and julia, it was odd because he had dreamt the O’brian that he told him in his dreams for many many years that he was a rebel. We shall meet in the place where there is no darkness.

As for Julia, Winston a strong hatred towards her although they have never ever spoken to one another. She is a vigorous, young,smart, and Beautiful women but Winston knows that she is one on the most loyal adherents of the party. Julia was the loudest most enthusiastic person during the two minutes hate, she wears the scarlet sash of the well known junior anti sex league around her waist. They believe that sex is merely a procreative duty, which happens to be the creation of a new party member. The anti sex league was created to channel people’s frustrations and raw emotions towards their enemies. When Winston sees Julia he becomes very aroused by her radiant beauty, but when he thought about her favour it completely appalled him. The novel takes place in Oceania which is controlled by a communist government with absolute power and on one to stop it. The party constantly monitors and controls every little human life to the extent where even if you were having a dishonest thought it was against the law. The cities are very dilapidated, people starving, food is scarce, but however the party ensures that every home has a telescreen so the party may watch their movements. The telescreen would constantly play an obnoxious propaganda video to watch the members behavioral outcomes.

There were no families, loveless marriage, and the children were told to spy on their parents and are always ready to report any sort of disloyalty. Some people believed that there is no more truth the party controls every source of information all forms,managing and reviewing the content of all newspapers and history for their own needs. There is no independent thought anymore, the newspeak language structures and limits the ideas that people are capable of forming. There is no more humanity or characteristic of human race has been stripped clear of the party members. However there are few and far between that believe there is hope If there is hope, it lies in the poles(pg60-ch7), proles is the working class that line in their own filthy and improvised district. These individuals not shackled by the telescreens or newspeak, they have the most precious possession which is the freedom. The party believes that they are animals but on the other side they are the ones that live like real humans,they work for family, marry for love, seek pleasure in recreation, and they hold the key to the past. Winston has the desire to love, companionship, and freedom however it was a shocking discovery that he found them in the last person he would expected which ia julia.

Under Julia obedient feature is warm hearted women who turned to be rebellious and pleasure, unlike winston julia was never really worried about the party. Julia’s relationship with winston changed the thought of his rebellion from being timidly and rebellious to a reckless criminal. Winston has changed into a more humane and sensible individual thanks to his and julia’s relationship. After the company of julia, Winston decided to meet O’brian in his apartment, the meeting was fairly brief about the tight lipped brotherhood organisation. O’brian is exactly what Winston hoped he would become, Winston unconditionally accepts the terms of the brotherhood and without a doubt believed in O’brian. The future looks promising Winston has found love with Julia whomed he vowed he would never betray. The presence of the brotherhood could very well overthrow the parties absolute control, there was a moment when Julia and Winston were embracing one another when they heard a voice from behind You are the dead said an iron voice behind them (pg182-ch10), The picture had fallen on the floor, uncovering the telescreen behind it(pg182-ch10).

In the holy orders of love where punishment and correction take place, Winston light prison cell but however now O’brian was definitely no longer his comrade but his tourtour. O’brien torture Winston physically, mentally, and psychologically torture, this will lead to a mental breakdown. Later on O’brien proves that physical pain can override humanity. Through the torture session O’brien had Winston so eager to believe anything he said such as Two and two makes five. The brotherhood organization is and never will be any sort or fashion a hero if anything he and all that work for and associate with are villains or better known as the bad guys. Big Brother was essentially trying to play god watching everyone telling them what they can and cannot do. Except he doesn’t care about the people whats so ever, the city’s are worn down the people are weak and frail, and the people are constantly being watched and criticized.

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