The Problem of Child Labor

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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We dwelled in the world where 306 children are employed in child labor (ILO REPORT 2010) Small children are the charming and beautiful flowers of this relatively flowers of this land. They are innocent inwardly and externally. There is no doubt, they are the great and precious beauty of the world. In the morning when some kids survive to their schools and enjoy the happiest minutes of their lives, but those kids who cannot move to cultivate due to some reasons at that time they cook themselves for going their workplaces, where they execute some work and take money, this money helps and supports their families. It is due to lots of unbearable facts of their lifetimes, they are wasting the precious seconds of their spirits. They cannot carry out their wishes and they can’t pick up any dangerous dream about happiness in their spirits. It is besides a major fact that fifty percent children are wasting their lives to fulfill the economic spirit of their kinfolk. There are different facts those are explaining about the children who have forgotten the pleasures of their childhood.

When kids make money due to some facts or ingredients in their childhood, this number becomes the role of minor labor. The bigger truth is this that children below the 15 years are the future of this country, they must own books in their hand hands except harmful instrument which are assisting them to perform some study in dissimilar disciplines. By doing this harmful work they are supporting their families. Why they do support to their families and why they want to do this? It is a very common pheromone that it’s due to impoverishment. The United State Department of Labor (USA, 1957) identifies that “child labor as the employment of male children and girls when they are too young to hire for work or when they are employed at jobs unsuitable and unsafe for the kids of their age or under conditions inimical to their wellness and wellbeing inimical to their health and welfare. It is an employment, full educational opportunities and necessary play time” This thesis has attempted to highlight the principal facts that are promoting child labor in Pakistan and the role of Government to prevent child labor, and then it will evaluate the international laws affecting child labor and its implementation in Pakistan.

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After analyzing the laws, estimated the effectiveness of the legislation against child labor. The thesis has split up into five different chapters; first we will try to read the proper definition of child labor and its historical ground, then we will study the laws pertaining to child labor and eventually we will examine the role of governmental in dealing with child labor. The beginning chapter of the thesis attempts to ascertain out the reasons of the problem (child labor). The issue starts with the question of who is a child. So, we will investigate who exactly is a child and how child labor is defined in different contexts. Then we will briefly highlight the historical background of child labor in the modern developed world, especially in Pakistan. For many years, child labor has been one of the greatest problems of societal growth. It is a challenge and long-term goal in many countries to eradicate all forms of child labor. Especially in developing countries, it is considered as a serious issue these days. Child labor refers to children who miss their childhood and are not able to have the basic facilities which a child should have.

Historical Background Of Child Labor

Child labor started in a seventieth and eightieth century. It was the time in which many U.S children toiled in factories for 70 years a week, until the child labor laws passed into force in the 1900s. There was a horrible incident globally happened about the failure child labor during 2004 and 2008 (ILO Report, 2010). UNCRC Article 1 1989 describes a ‘child’ as an individual under the age to 18 years (UNESCO). Internationally the child labor defined as the economically active population. (Edmonds, 2008; Becchetti & Trovato, 2005; Beegke & Degehejia & Gatti, 2005; Neumayer and De Soysa, 2005; Shelburne, 2001; Cigno et al, 2001; Hussnain and Maskus, 2003).

Child labor is a historic phenomenon; (Horn, 1994) refers child labor history to beginning industrial age that was increased during the industrial era. That was the time when most child work used in agricultural societies (Shahrokhi, 1996). (Pettitt, 1998) describes that non-agricultural and industrial employment caused long hours working conditions in unhealthy and sometime restricted work places. A first legislative effort started in 1802 to eliminate the child labor was restricted in cotton-industry in England (McCall-Sarbaugh, 1989). (Donnelly & Petherick, 2004; Siddiqi & Patrinos, 1995) estimated initial probable internationally organized efforts for elimination of child labor in 1980 with the first Inteinational Labor Conference at Berlin. It was estimated that a case law about child labor, proceeding conducted according the National Labor Relations Act 1935. (301 U.S.1, 1973)

General Thinking About Child Labor

“A child is defined as a person under the age of 16 years”. Children are the bright future of this land they must have books in their hands except working instruments. Children keep much importance in this world they are the little flowers on this land. They did not come into this world for doing work with differing tools. The International Labor Organization estimated in 2013 that there are almost 215 million children between the ages 5-15 years who works globally. (ILO, 2013). They usually neglected and do work for long hours, in very immoral conditions. This incident can affect their physical, mental and emotional health. These children don’t have the basic rights like access to school or health. They don’t have right to think about the school life because they don’t know what they are doing and what will happen in their future.

According to the (ILO Report, 2010) 306 million children are working in different fields. After this it is estimated that 215 million children are announced as child labor in which 114 million children are obliged to work in risky work conditions. The largest numbers of child laborers are working in risky work and the total number of child workers is increasing, even though it is prohibited by law (ILO, 2013). Mostly child who are working their age is between 10-14 years. The lives of these children are at harmful risk to disease and they struggle with psychological pain and hardships. The key fact that makes children to work is poverty. These children do work for supporting their families. (Mapaure,2009). Most studies, like Dessy and Pallage (2003) argue not all the work that they do is dangerous. Mostly work give us lot of learning opportunities, such as minding or newspaper deliver jobs, but it is not in the work revelations them to psychological stress like human trafficking. The ILO has done a very impressive work to eliminate the child labor across the world. Most countries have accepted lawmaking to reduce child labor across the world. In low income countries, it is very difficult to reduce child labor from the country or ban on child labor because those countries can’t support the children independently.

Statement Of The Problem And Justification

The main problem is, child labor is increasing day by day in all the provinces of Pakistan. CLP is an insidious evil for the future of Pakistan. Pakistan is a developing country, but this problem is continuously increasing. Maybe it is increasing due to lack of awareness in this modern age, lack of education and maintain the social traditions in the country. Parents are not educated, that’s why they can’t understand the importance of education. Parent prefers to do work than education. Unemployment is also the current problem; also, it is the part of poverty. Government of Pakistan is doing work well to reduce child work in the county, but child labor is not decreasing it is continuously promoting.

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Overpopulation is also the cause for promoting child labor in Pakistan. Children are the little flowers and, they are the future of the Pakistan. They don’t know what they are doing and what they should do, also their parent doesn’t know about the importance of children. They don’t know that they are wasting the precious time of their lives. Child labor is becoming the cause of mental, physical, moral and social harms of the children. They are working in different fields like industries, brick kilns, domestic servants, automobile workshops, begging, working on workshops and selling drugs. Most famous is begging in the Pakistan. There must be banned child labor from all over the world. We should save the children form this harmful disease.

Methodogy Of Research

I have studied all rights related to children, Employment of Child Act 1991, Conventions of International Labor Organization, Juvenile Justice System Ordinance 2000, Free Education Act 2012 and fundamental rights of constitution Pakistan 1973. Then read almost fifty articles, published research papers, relevant books of child labor and case laws. So, with the help of above mentioned reading material I have completed my thesis in my own words after understanding the opinion of the author and I have emphasized in the following points introduction, meaning, history, background, explanation I will complete a thesis in my own words if I felt to need the idea of someone then I rephrased it in my own words and at the end of these l have mentioned the reference. All laws, statues and judgments will have in italic in my thesis. The method of my thesis is very expressive and interested. It is very impressive as it is based on detailed investigation and record of the study area. It is probing as the information derived from the study is paying attention to analyzing the ways to hold for the decrease of child labor. I used primary and secondary data for study. Therefore, primary data have collected by online survey form, observation, questionnaire and interviews. Both published, unpublished materials related to the subject matter are the part of secondary data.

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