Child Labor – Kids at the Ages of 6-14

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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“Kids at the ages of 6-14 and there getting very little pay and they do very hard work.There are millions of kids around the world being sold for child labor.Should kids under the age of 18 be working over time.

There are very difficult working conditions. Children who work often experience very hard working conditions that last over 18 hours and causes them pain all over there body.Children get injured from machinery’s they work with and and get health problems from chemical poisoning.

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They also have no access to drinking water and toilet blocks (“Debating on Child Labor”).

They get very little pay.Children often work very long hours in dangerous factory conditions for very little money.Children were easier to control and perhaps more importantly less paid than they could control the adults.They could be paid lower wages and they were more tractable and easy to manage than adults ( “Child Labor” ).

Because of there ages their less likely to go on strike.Because of their young ages children are not expensive to hire and less likely to protest on their working conditions.They are also less likely to get fired because they won’t go on strike.Businesses are not bound by any regulations and most of the companies tend to abuse this situation and literally exploit them (“Debating on Child Labor”).

Child labor pays and they can help there family manufacturally.Evidence for my counter argument is children who work get paid as well as their parents. But they get paid very little for there difficult working conditions and going through health problems from chemical poisoning. Evidence for my rebuttal is they get paid very little because there easier to control unlike the adult.

In conclusion Kids under the ages of 18 are working over time and people need to stop it.There are kids getting badly ill from the chemicals they have to work with and being put to work on very hard things.”

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