Abolish Child Labor

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Although laws were placed in 1938 to abolish child labor, it is still happening daily around the world. Child labor is illegal now, but there are still around 152 million worldwide victims today and it is still a huge problem. The worst areas for child labor are now in third world countries because the children have to drop out of school and help their families financially.

Two of the main reasons that this is still an ongoing occurrence is because of poverty and unemployment.

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Poverty typically becomes the main cause for children to drop out, but it has also been reported that costly school fees, and lack of educational resources in rural and countryside areas are some of the main reasons. There have been many cases around the world where hundreds of children are abducted because they are such easy targets, they cannot fight back as easily. Therefore, they are forced into slavery to work under horrible conditions against their will, it is so vicious because the kids do not want to do it. Millions of children are forced into labor, with little to no pay in hazardous conditions that could be threatening to their health. Children are shut in, over ran, and forced to labor for other people and then are deprived of a childhood and a healthy lifestyle, they are given no rights.

Large numbers of children work in commercial agriculture, fishing, manufacturing, mining and domestic service. Some children work in the drug trade and prostitution ring. (What is Child Labor?) The United States do not prohibit or have laws against children working on tobacco farms. “On tobacco farms, children work long hours in extreme heat, exposed to nicotine and toxic pesticides that can make them sick.

In Africa, Asia, and Latin American, child laborers in artisanal and small-scale gold mines work underground in pits that easily collapse and use toxic mercury to process the gold, risking brain damage and other serious health conditions.” (Child Labor) Parents will give up their children in order to decrease their own financial problems so they have to compromise even if it is not the right decision. These kids are taken and forced into captivity to work as slaves, prostitutes, and soldiers. Children all over the world are suffering from physical, emotional, and sexual abuse that takes place within child labor. Physical abuse is very common with children because a child may become too slow and make a mistake which results in the child being beaten. There is also a lot of sexual abuse happening, they are forced to have sex with men they don’t even know. Child labor leaves you with emotional scars and horrible memories that are embedded in their minds forever, even if you are able to break free.

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