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How would you feel if you were a child and you were forced to work under dangerous conditions with little to no pay? For many children that has become a reality. 218 million children worldwide between the ages of 5 and 17 are involved in child labor (Maki). 73 million of those children work in dangerous conditions (Maki).

In the United States child labor had began in the early 1800’s and the late 1700’s due to the industrial revolution (Child Labor). According to the worst place for child labor is Somalia where almost 40% of children ages 5 to 14 are victims of child labor (Sen Nag). Most children work because either they are poor and they need the money or their parents tell them to find a job to help the family (Child Labor). The victims of child labor are modern day slaves who go through terrible things just to survive and they need our help.

The child laborers work long hard hours often with no breaks to eat or rest. 48% of child labor victims are from ages 5 to 11. There are 10.7 million child labor victims in the Americas alone. The conditions that the children undergo often lead to harmful effects such as depression, anxiety, and hopelessness. The conditions also can lead to loss of confidence and the children can become a higher risk for mental illness. When the children are freed they are slowly integrated back into society through programs. One specific program that is dedicated to helping the victims is the Salvation Army Trafficking Outreach Program and Intervention Techniques. They are very helpful in providing education, employment, food, and housing to help the victims get back into society.

Child labor is cruel and should not continue to exist. There are programs that have taken initiative to help stop child labor all over the world. The International Initiative to End Child Labor is one program that is trying to end child labor. Their mission is “to eliminate the worst forms of child labor in the US & around the World”. They raise awareness about child labor and the effects it has on victims(End Child Labor). The victims of child labor are slaves that need help and it is up to us to try and make a difference. If you would like to donate to the International Initiative to End Child Labor you can visit their website If you would like more information you can call them 703-920-0435. Lets stop child labor and let children live normal happy lives.”

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