Biography of Martin Luther King

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Updated: Mar 14, 2023
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Martin Luther King was Born on January 15 ,1939 in Atlanta,GA. He grew up in Auburn Avenue. When Martin Luther king was a kid his Grandmother passed away, it was really hard for him to cope with the death of his grandmother. With all that eventually he kept on with his life and went to school. His parents were religious with his father being a pastor. Martin Luther King was very close to his family, Martin never saw his parents argue. Martin’s parents were; Martin Luther King Sr and Alberta Williams King, He lived with both his parents and had 2 siblings, Christine King and A.

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D. King. Martin’s Parents were a great influence on him also his Grandmother and Grandfather.

Martin L K. was married to Coretta Scott King, she helped him lead the Civil Right Movement in the 1960’s. One of Martin Luther King’s strength was being an Outstanding speaker, Leading him to his famous speech ‘ I Have a Dream’. Back in 1955, he became involved in the Montgomery,Alabama boycott in the city buses which were the buses where African American were only to ride in the back seats, he later on got the companies to examine their rules and eventually change them. Martin Luther K. won many awards one of them being the Presidential Medal of Freedom, He also fought for Freedom and to stop racism, for everyone to be equal. The ‘I Have a Dream’ speech became very famous and inspirational to Many people all around the world.

There weren’t many challenges in his personal life specifically but there were many tough challenges focused on societal issues, Throughout his years he received death threatening phone calls, white people discriminating by his skin color and was detained more than 20 times for protesting in the “”Civil Rights Movement for African- Americans equality rights to end racism. Martin’s answer to all of his problems was to keep fighting even though it involved death. Of course he was terrified but that didn’t stop him from striving against freedom and fairness of his people. Both Malcolm and Rosa Parks were played in difficult situations based on martins beliefs. Some of his most challenging obstacles weren’t resolved, but he accomplished the most important one “”freedom. Martin Luther King Jr’s life was admirable in many ways because he devoted his time to fight and to convince the people that African American were no different than white people. He put his life on the line for the civil rights movement and achieved what he most fought, freedom and equality.

His christian faith, boldness, and determination were the most influential in shaping the way he was at the time. One interesting fact about Martin is that his actual name is, Michael King Jr. Sadly Martin Luther King Jr passed away on April 4, 1968 in Memphis, Tennessee. He was fatally shot while standing on the balcony outside his Motel. Martin Luther King’s memory still lives on till this day because he’s done many moments in the movement for colored people,what he did was unforgettable he’s done so much for the community. People spread his positive messages and follow the same footsteps he’s taken to end all the hatred in this country.

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