A very Famous Philosopher Aristotle

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Updated: Nov 30, 2023
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A very Famous Philosopher Aristotle

This essay will provide an overview of Aristotle, one of the most influential philosophers in history. It will cover his life, key philosophical contributions, and enduring impact on various fields of study. The piece will discuss Aristotle’s work in metaphysics, ethics, politics, and science, and how his ideas shaped Western thought. It will also consider the relevance of his philosophy in contemporary discussions and debates. Moreover, at PapersOwl, there are additional free essay samples connected to Aristotle.

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Aristotle was a very famous philosopher that worked with many others. He had a successful life teaching, thinking, and studying. As a successful person, he gave wisdom and knowledge to society that was passed on and still used today.

Aristotle was born on 384 BC at Stagira, Chalcidice to the parents of Nicomachus and Phaestis of the Macedonian Royal Family. He lived in Stagira most of his life. In 367 BC, he went to Platonic Academy, which was founded by Plato. He graduated Platonic Academy in 347 BC, where he started to write books and think.

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In 335 BC, he founded his own school called Lyceum, which is in Athens, Greece. He spent most of his life here studying, teaching, and writing. He wrote a substantial amount of books, such as Posterior Analytics(published in 1850), The Complete Works of Aristotle(1912), and History of Animals(2015). He was very famous at that time. However, in 322 BC, he died of a stomach disease. He lived to be 62 years old.

Aristotle lived in Stagira for most of his life. Stagira was an ancient Greek city. It is located on two hills in a peninsula, called “Liotopi,of Chalkidice. It is very near Olympiada, who occupies the rest of the peninsula. It was founded c. 665 BC by Iones colonists, who were from the Andros Islands. After the Persian Wars, Athenians and Stagira became alliances. Later, Stagira became part of the Chalkidice League. Many people here honored Aristotle. One example was in 349 BC, where King of Macedonia Phillip II, destroyed Stagira, but rebuilt it in Aristotle’s honor. Now, there are many tourist attractions, such as the fortified wall, citadels, and remains of ancient buildings.

Aristotle became very famous for various reasons. One reason is that he was a very important thinker of politics, ethics, phycology, etc. Today, he is still considered as one of the greatest thinkers in these areas. Another reason is that he invented science and zoology. In addition, he studied and contributed to the fields of logic, mathematics, metaphysics, etc. He made significant contributions to many aspects of knowledge, and gave wisdom to many people. Today, he is known as “The Philosopher.

Not only did Aristotle make significant contributions to human knowledge, but also made compelling impacts in society. His main impact on society was about biology. He made many theories, especially about life and organisms. Also, his studies impacted people generation to generation about his wisdom and knowledge that he has shared to people. He also studied in the field of philosophy. One of the key studies that he did in this field was ethics. He studied concepts of justice, courage, and overall having a well-balanced life. Many modern logicians claim that Aristotle’s theories are true and that there is no need to change it. He was very influential to modern society. Today, many people use Aristotle’s studies in theories they make on the modern world today.

Overall, Aristotle was a very good man because he impacted the world in many positive ways, along with influencing people of the modern world. He also invented science and the field of philosophy. His invention of science and philosophy expanded the knowledge that we know today. He was very impactful to modern day society because he contributed to the studies of many subjects in life. He created long lasting wisdom and knowledge for the modern society.

In conclusion, Aristotle was a very influential and impactful man who expanded our knowledge with his studies. He lived a very successful life and traveled many places. He studied and thought about life, physcology, and science. He also taught others about his discoveries and inventions. He was very well educated, so he was able to educate others very well. His overall impacts taught us many things about life.

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