The Remarkable History of Black Achievements

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Society has obtained an exclusive system of flawed trends towards African Americans. The black community has been held captive by the arbitrary regulations of White America. In primary schools there is not much content in textbooks about African American achievements. Many lessons are often learned in silence, but it doesn’t have to remain this way. Although it is important to learn about the adversity of the Black race, it is equally if not more important to learn about the limitless potential that these individuals possess.

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While facing infinite years of hardship and inequality African Americans are denied equal opportunities for success. Eventhough segregation was degrading it exposed ambition, unity, and leadership in the Black community. Since African American were not allowed to share common spaces with white’s we were left to build and generate our own community. Which lead to the remarkable history of black achievements.

After the abolishment of slavery, the intimated majority group seek alternative methods to belittle the Black community “The system of race relations that replaced slavery in the South was de jure segregation, sometimes referred to as the Jim Crow System. Under this type of segregation in the minority group which is physically and socially separated from the dominant group and cosigned to an inferior position in virtually every area of social life.”(Healey 152) African Americans attempted to fight for basic human rights even as slaves, however they didn’t receive enough concern due to being seen as a piece of property. With increased freedom following the abolition of slavery, a national African American leadership developed and spoke out against oppression and founded organization that eventually helped lead the fight for freedom and equality.” (Healey159)

Racial segregation shaped some remarkable African American leaders. An astonishing leader that rose from the Jim Crow era was Booker T Washington. Washington established resources to advance the black community. “Booker T Washington was the most prominent African American leader prior to World War I. Washington had been born into slavery and was the founder and president of Tuskegee Institute, a college in Alabama dedicated to educating African Americans.” (Healey 159) Booker T Washington didn’t just cultivate the black community in an academic matter he also enlightened African Americans on how to deal with the Jim Crow laws. “His public advice to African Americans in the South was to be patient, to accommodate the Jim Crow system for the time being, to raise their levels of education and job skills, and to take full advantage of whatever opportunities became available.” (Healey 159)

An additional amazing leader who emerge from the segregation era was W.E.B Du Bios. “Washington’s most vocal opponent was W.E.B. Du Bios, an activist and intellectual trained in sociology in fact many argue he is the “father” of American sociology ( Healey 159). Du Bios was likewise well-known for something else sensational in American Society. “Among his many other accomplishments, Du Bios was part of a coalition of blacks and white liberals who the founded National Association for the Advancement of Colored people (NAACP) in 1909. (Healey 159) Marcus Garvey was another fascinating leader who help build African American community. “He helped to establish some of the themes and ideas of Black Nationalism and pride in African heritage that would become prominent again in the pluralistic 1960’s (Healey 160).

Segregation has compelled the Black community to attain unity with each other and other minority groups because they were intentionally isolated. Due to unethical commands “In the early 20th century, a massive population movement, often called the great migration began out of the South.” African Americans dreamed of relocating to the North to migrate from segregation. “Along with freedom and such cultural flowerings as the Harlem Renaissance came black ghettos and new forms of oppression. Jim Crow lead to the Civil Right movement. “The Civil Rights Movement was a multifaceted campaign to end legalized segregation and ameliorate the massive inequalities faced by Africa Americans.” African Americans established unity being supportive of one another. “Networks of independent, African American controlled organizations, such as churches and colleges, were created or grew in size and power.” (Healey187) The reaction of violence from authority lead to alliances with other minority groups because there’s a bond in the struggle. “The perceived legitimacy of the goals of the movement also opened up the possibility of alliances with other groups (e.g., white liberals, Jews, college students).” The black community knew they would require greater resources then they possessed. “By mobilizing the resources of other, more powerful groups, black southerners forged alliances and created sympathetic support that was brought to bear on their opposition.” (Healey187)

Living in times of extreme hatred and suppression the black community notice the necessity to improve their education to advance in the world. Despite being treated like second class citizens because of segregation African Americans accomplished great achievements and created a unique black culture. Others believe the black community is not making legitimate progress in society because black people do not have culture. “A distinct black culture, has yet to be realized from potential, despite its occasional flowerings.” (Chrisman 20) While other believed segregation brought out positive traits in the black community like culture others thought it had nothing to do with segregation. “Only the black intellectual can create a black culture and without a black culture there can be no political and economic advancement.” (Chrisman 20) The ideology that confidence is what builds culture is an abstract idea. “As long as the Negro’s cultural identity is in question or open to self-doubts, then there can be no positive identification with the real demands of his political and economic existence. Thus, this can be fixed by a cultural analysis of the Negro approach to group politics.” (Chrisman 20) While others blame stubborn White America for keeping black people for advancing, other say it was the Black man fault. “Why has the negro intellect failed to create that culture? The answers are various and naive. The “integrationist” black has been responsible.” Chrisman 22)

African Americans have absolutely no control over their culture they just try to make the best out of the Jim crow laws. In the face of great trail and a road of discrimination which would last a life time, Percy Julian a African American who had finished college was aiming to get his PHD in chemistry. Based on the color of his skin tone, and not the contents of his brain Percy Julian wouldn’t get accepted to a graduate school right away. “I went professor Blancher and there he showed me numerous of letters from men who had really meant God to me. Great American chemist of their day discourage your bright skinned lad they wrote. We couldn’t get him a job when he’s done. Why don’t you find him a teaching job in a negro college in the South? He doesn’t need a PhD for that.” (14:03) People believe African Americans aren’t making changes in the world. “It has been a task of the black intellectual to create a framework for radical black change and that he has failed.” (Chrisman 22)

While Percy was failing it wasn’t due his intellect because he was a smart man. Percy was finally able to get his PhD, and he work his way to the top. However, it doesn’t matter how much effort and determination you have. Whites wanted to tear him apart. Percy was caught into politics and his name was dragged through the mud. “When the local American legion assailed the school for hiring a negro who had been dismiss for Howard Julian was forced to stopped teaching.” (31:00)

African Americans have faced many disadvantages due to segregation and have only risen to the occasion. I will argue that while facing infinite years of hardship and inequality African Americans are denied equal opportunities for success. Eventhough segregation was degrading it exposed ambition, unity, and leadership in the Black community. I agree the black community is vibrant and full of joy and culture. Majority of things that trend in society steams from African American Culture. The Majority group ignores their pleas and be little their achievements. Eventhough some whites can’t achieve some of these things themselves, and they had every access to resources they can imagine. For example, Percy Julian founded the cortisone shot for arthritis. How Many African American children know that. Probably slim to none Versus How many African American know the name of the boat that brought settlers overs. The problem is what’s in text books. African American kids see the people they look up to struggle because of a system that was made to trap them at all cost.

African Americans are still looked down upon and it’s truly baffling considering Thomas L. Jennings created the first dryer, Charles drew founded the plasma could be donated, Philip Emeagwali invented the World’s fastest computer, Thomas Elkins modern toilet, Lewis Latimer created the light bulb. It’s heartbreaking to know that half of the items we use every day were created by Intelligent beautiful humans who were never given a equal chance of life. With every odd stack against them they still find joy in life, and determination in the struggle.

People can argue that African American culture isn’t something to brag about, and that segregation didn’t positively affect African Americans. For example, they would say things like loud mouth and the “Angry Black Women”. The black community were upset with segregation and it caused them to act out and become violent. Riots would break out because the African American community is just dangerous. Some may argue that Blacks are dangerous and commit violent criminals. Some African Americans wanted to fight back, they thought peaceful protest wasn’t going to change anything. This show that’s segregation didn’t help with the unity of the black community. Due to labor shortages African American women had no other choice but to find domestic work. This shows that segregation is to blame for the divide between African American Women and African American man. Most of the schools in the south didn’t have resources for African Americans to reach the heights that they need to reach. This illustrates that the African American community didn’t value education.

Segregation was just another way to keep white supremacy alive after slavery. The government has assured African Americans a difficult life, however the black community still flourishes. However, during hard times the black community used to lean on each other. They build their community around church and family. With faith and support the black community can reach any heights this illustrates that eventhough segregation was degrading it exposed ambition, unity, and leadership in the Black community. The biggest achievement of the black community is determination even in the face of great trail. To younger generations of African American remember “My melanin is powerful. It threatens the ignorant, challenges the misinformed. My articulation intimidates, it demands respect the moment I speak. (Nii Lee Cyrus).”

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