Racism and Prejudice

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Updated: May 20, 2019
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Racism and Prejudice essay

Therefore, when asked by anyone there is no real responses because it does continue on. In the article, Is American Repeating the Mistakes of 1968?? author, Julian E. Zelizer brings up the history on how horrible it must of been, but refers what goes on in the present moment. As one can see how society is living in the past and if this continues how will that affect the future and will there ever be a solution? For example in the article, Zelizer writes, In July 1967, during the aftermath of the devastating race riots in Detroit, Michigan, and Newark, New Jersey- each of which started after incidents of police brutality against African Americans. Now if one takes a moment to look back at the history with racism and those who are not victims imagine living a life where half of the daily lives there are people who always tease all races and not being able to live in the city calmly that must be irritating to do the daily task.

Although not every race will always get along and sometimes it’s not the race the reason why they do not get along sometimes it could be because how a person acts. Even though if one is a different in a strange way from someone else and they don’t like that one person the other person they do not have to say racial words. Also, just because a person from one race does something really bad it does not mean there whole race are like that. Next, if people focus on the history that went on, but at the same time see the present and notice how from each race there are those who achieved the good life has to offer and have prove like a successful career that shows how people do not give up. This just proves that every race has it’s good and bad people, but everyone is different. Finally, there may be one day when racism could finish it’s possible because all the people may find that they are no difference in each race that does not make them human.

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