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One of the most popular issues in today’s society has to deal with gender inequality. In the past women suffered immensely from being treated inferior to men, but things have changed over the years and women have progressed greatly towards gender equality. Yet, even with all the progress being made, women still have a long way to go. There are many areas were women are still not equal to men. Unfortunately, this creates many problems for women specially when personally dealing with men. Women find themselves in constant fear for their own well-being. Which gives rise to the question, how are issues such as sexual harassment, family violence, and rape a result of gender inequality?

Many women experience violence simply because they are women. That sounds like such a demoralizing statement, but it is true. According to the National Crime Victimization Survey in 2006, as many as 232,960 women were victims of rape or sexual assault. The most frightening part of this stat is that it does not include cases that were not reported, and the number of cases has only increased further over the years. Sadly, after experiencing one of these attacks, most women feel so helpless and damaged that they believe that speaking up will not make a difference. The main reason for their uncertainty is the long, hurtful history of gender inequality.

Women have been put down for such a long time that they do not believe at times that they have the rights or that those rights will be exercised as they should. In many cases they will feel that the law will not protect them. This has been the case with many reports of men hurting women. One of the best examples happened recently with the case of Brett Kavanaugh. President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee was accused by a few women for sexual misconduct. After many testimonials on a hectic case which seemed to point that Kavanaugh was guilty, he was still found innocent. Not only that, but he was still allowed to take his position in the Supreme Court.

Another recent famous case is the one of Roy Moore. The former judge and 2017 senate candidate was accused of sexual misconduct several times by different women as well. According to these women, he had sexually abused them or pursued them sexually when they were teenagers. Even after all the accusations, Roy Moore was still allowed to campaign and run for senate.

It is these types of situations which bring down women even more. There is no way that they can ever feel safe in a country that does not try to change from its old ways and continuously fails them. The United States has always had a history which looks down on women. This gives rise to many the violent acts against them. See, men feel like they could rape or harass a woman and get away with it. Unfortunately, society and our law system continue to let women down. Men feel the way they do because they have history to support them. If a man lives in a country that continuously backs him up without proper punishment for his actions, he will continue to perform unlawful acts against women.

In fact, a recent online study showed that at least eighty one percent of women have experienced sexual harassment in one way or another during their lifetime. Eighty one percent is an outrageous number. It is extremely common for women to deal with harassment even in the workplace. The issue is that most women are not able to get good, high-paying jobs like men do, and they will constantly put up with things in order to keep a steady income. According to Michelle Singletary from The Washington Post, most women “will never even bring up their experience because something always seems to hold them back. For many women, to work is to put up with stuff, because you know that standing in the path of your paycheck might be a male manager or influential co-worker willing to take advantage of his position. They can make you feel so financially vulnerable that you just keep quiet”

It is disgusting to think that somebody can use his position to belittle women so much. Yet, since men have always had the most important positions in the job industry, they have a sense of authority that women could never shake off. In a country where everyone is equal, no matter the gender, this would happen much less often. However, until women get treated equally and put to the same standards as men, nothing will change.

Another area where women find themselves struggling is within their own household. Women are the number one victim in family violence cases. In fact, in 2017, around 87,000 women were murdered intentionally. Out of those 87,00 women, about sixty percent were killed by their intimate partners or a family member. That would mean that on average about 137 women around the world are killed in their own homes every day.

The likeliness of women experiencing a form of family violence increases within men who have seen it first-hand. Meaning that men who witnessed their father or another male family member being violent at home, are significantly more likely to do the same when they are adults. It is absolutely heartbreaking to know that women cannot even feel safe at home. That they have to watch themselves in a place that is supposed to be safe. And yet again, this all a product of gender inequality.

Men are always seen as the head of the household. In most cases, a man will not want to be with a woman that is more successful than him. See, there is this social perspective that in a man’s eyes he should be the provider and not depend on the woman to make the most money. This is a standard that society and the system in our country have put into place by giving the higher paying jobs to men. This makes men feel superior in the household and as a result lead to more violence against women within their families.

Yet, how can a higher paying job lead to violence? Sometimes even in the smallest arguments between a marriage or a couple, the man will think he is in the right simply because he is the provider. Even though not all men are the same, most men will attempt to discredit the efforts that women put into everything they do. It is this superiority that will lead to physical violence in arguments. Not only does the man have the advantage in income but he can also overpower a woman with ease. This is one of the biggest reasons why some women have trouble committing and giving their all to their partners.

Women have all the reason to be upset with society and this country that continues to fail them. Time after time they are exposed to violence from men. In many cases resulting in physical assault and even death. Still, nothing is done to bring them the equality they deserve. Whenever they have tried to speak up, they have been shut down. The law has not been fair and upholds its favoritism towards men. They have put their heart and soul into building a family with a man, only to be looked down upon by that man. Still, the years of dealing with inequality and violence is the force that drive women to fight every day.

Today, women from all over the country are uniting forces to fight towards gender equality. The fight for equality has never been stronger than now. Non-stop marches have been taking place specially after President Trump came into administration. Ai-Jen Poo from Time Magazine stated in her article that women “shifted from focusing on protesting laws to lifting each other up to become the lawmakers. Danica Roem is now the first transgender person to serve as a state legislator in the country. In fact, more women than ever have decided to throw their hats in the ring and run for public office. We grew tired of reporting sexual predators, so we, following the leadership of black women, went to the polls and voted for Roy Moore’s opponent.”

As stated before, women have dealt with gender inequality for such a long time. Men have always been seen as superior to women and this has led to the many violent acts against them. From rape, to sexual harassment, to assault, at home or at work, and even in public, women live in constant fear for their own well-being. They have to be careful where they walk, or who they talk to. And this is all a result of the superiority given to men. This is not a lifestyle that any human being should have. We should all be able to live in a society that has no favorites and sees us all as equals. That is why it is crucial that we all support the fight for gender equality. To stop the violence against them and give our queens the safety they all deserve!

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