LGBT Discrimination

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Updated: Apr 08, 2021
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“LGBT discrimination is on the rise and has been increasing in recent years and no one is noticing. The number of cases involving LGBT people is also growing every year. The U.S. Supreme court has ruled that gay marriage is unconstitutional. “The number of hate crimes against LGBT people is directly related to increased registered hate crime, and the Interior Ministry reported that crime over the past three years has increased by 48 percent. The number of crimes based on sexual orientation and number of cases increased by 70 percent over the same period.” (Hanne).

People who enact in LGBT discrimination make it seem like it is right to discriminate against LGBT people because they have a different sexual orientation or gender identity. As if it is the American dream for people to discriminate, making this country an unsafe place for LGBT people. There is a high population of homophobes and transphobes of America making it harder for people to come out. There have also been many cases where a person has committed an act of violence on LGBT people simply because they are different.

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LGBT discrimination has become a common thing in America. Due to the belief by some people that in America your not allowed to be different as in sexual orientation or gender identity, you can only be straight, and have the gender of male or female Homophobia affects any race or age. “According to a survey conducted by LGBT nationwide, 25.2% of LGBT people are discriminated against because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. Success in the January 2017 survey showed that discrimination in 2016 demonstrates a significant threat to LGBT people’s well being, health and economic security.” (Durso).

LGBT discrimination is all over the news and has been talked about for years. It has become a topic of discussion among various people around the world. LGBT cannot defend themselves for if they do they will be physically attacked. LGBT people are harassed to point of where they feel as if they are worth nothing, causing suicide. It is a rising thing and no one is helping put a stop to it, because they don’t notice, or the turn the other direction.

LGBT discrimination for teenagers is rough, and the rise in discrimination for LGBT members has made it made it even harder for them to come out. They are afraid of the consequences of what could happen to them. It puts a fear in them that can not be taken away, making them feel like they have no one, resulting in their suicide. LGBT youth are bullied both mentally and physically by kids who disagree with it. “The LGBT youth are trying to overcome all the problems that they face every day, threats and violence that they face. LGBT youth are often abused both mentally and physically when handling with non-LGBT peers. Their mental health and education ignore their physical well being.” (Taylor)

The LGBT youth have been discriminated against for many years and are not given equal rights as a human being. With this rise of discrimination more rights are being taken away from LGBT people, for example, Trump is attempting to ban transgenders from the military, this has caused outrage in the LGBT community. Ever since Trump has become president people have been discriminated more and more. This is not the only reason discrimination has risen, it has also increased due to people believing straight is the norm and you can not be anything else but that. The LGBT people were once considered a person who did not matter and were mistreated violently.

Has it come to where you are not allowed to be LGBT in this world, that every year discrimination rises and LGBT people are at risk? Homo and transphobes are starting to become more aggressive with their stand on LGBT people. If something is anything but straight it must go, it is getting serious, people are dying, innocent people, just because they are different.

If someone is in the LGBT community in this generation, they are told they have it good because no one discriminates them, this accusation is totally false. For some reason, older generations have risen and started discriminating our generations LGBT community. It has come to a point to where it feels as though you are allowed to discriminate others (mainly LGBT) and it is not right.

LGBT rights may be protected by the equal protection clause of the 14th amendment, but this does not stop people from discriminating LGBT communities. A very controversial argument that people are having is why is gay marriage legal and that it should be illegalized. This has been debated for years and now that it has actually happened people, acts of violence have been brought out upon on LGBT, because many people believe that gays, lesbians, or bisexuals. “In the past decade, lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgender (LGBT) have achieved significant legal and political interests in the United States, including freedom of marriage. Despite these advances. Federal law does not explicitly prohibit sexual orientation and discrimination based on gender identity in areas such as employment, housing, access to services, and less than half of the states are LGBT of people at the state level.” (Biloxi).

LGBT discrimination is a problem whether someone thinks so or not and it is occurring more and more. We allow this to happen, so it works just like bullies if they’re not told something it keeps happening. Laws were made to protect LGBT people, but it is a law, and no matter what laws can be broken, no one is really safe from discrimination. LGBT discrimination is looked over by many people and it is thought that nothing is wrong with being a homophobe that it is nothing but an opinion, freedom of speech. It is not a form of opinion when it becomes violent and unsafe to be LGBT. It is scary to be part of the LGBT community, especially as a closeted gay.”

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