Equal Treatment for LGBT Community

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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I was surprised and shocked to hear that you can be fired or even thrown out of your home because you are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT) (Granderson, n.d.). This was totally new to me. I thought that the LGBT community had rights like all other human beings in the United States. In the Human Rights Campaign website, I read about the suicide death of Nigel Shelby, a gay black youth. I was alarmed to find out that suicide is the number two cause of death among U.

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S. teenagers (Parshall, 2019).

When we are uncomfortable and unsure of how to respond to the unknown, we respond in a negative light. LGBT’s are discriminated against and face hate crimes in the U.S. Like everyone else, the LGBT community want rights that are afforded to others. They want to be treated equally based on their character and not because of their sexual preference. The LGBT community faces some of the same issues as the minority community. Some establishment will not rent/sell homes to them, so employers will not hire them, some people will harm them, etc. just because they are LGBT. I don’t see the need to hinder them from any of the above if they are eligible.

Some of the stereotypes and inconsistencies with the LGBT community seems to think that they are different than heterosexuals. However, they are only different in who they love and how they represent/view themselves. They bleed, work, cook, take care of loved ones, etc. just like heterosexuals. Some people think that being homosexual can be passed on to others and therefore, do not want to be around them. The way I look at it, we are all supposed to be guaranteed the same rights that were set forth in the Constitution. So, let people live their lives the best way they know how without interring in their lives. Give them the same opportunity that people who are not like them want and get, for the most part. We are supposed to love one another and leave the judgment to the Lord.

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