Kimberle Crenshaw Explains – Black Women are being Discriminated

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“Kimberle Crenshaw explains that Black women are being discriminated against with a combination of not only racism but sexism. When we think of sexism, we mostly refer to white women, while when thinking of racism, we refer to Black men. Black women are basically invisible in response to violence or crime that is happened.

Since before slavery, Black women have always been considered to be at the lowest as far as society. Black women were being considered worthless. Being used for sex and an experiment. I don’t think any other women in a different race has struggled more than black women. They were always given the short end of the stick. Other races of women have been given resources (especially white women).

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I Agree with Crenshaw she says, “ The problem is not simply that women who dominate the anti-violence movement are different from women of color but that they frequently have power to determine, though either material or rhetoric resources, whether the intersectional differences of women of color will be incorporated at all into the basic formulation of policy.” (Crenshaw, 207) This is based on white feminism and feminists need to fight for all races of women not only their race.

Former Ohio State Sen. Nina Turner said, “Black women have been the saviors and have had to sacrifice so much oftentimes without being given any credit, even among our own,” and said, “her identity as an African-American takes priority over her gender, has “caught hell” for her support of the oldest white man running for president in what will be a diverse Democratic primary.”

It is difficult to be a Black woman in America. It’s a constant challenge of health and wellbeing. The effects of racism and discrimination stay with us forever. White women doing have to deal with constant stares as if they are unwanted when they want to play golf with their friends unlike black women. We have to constantly be aware of our surrounding and watch our backs because anything could happen.

In the last paragraph she says, “Thus the struggle over incorporating these differences is not a petty or superficial conflict about who gets to sit at the head of the table. In the context of violence, it is sometimes a deadly matter of who will survive and who will not.” This means that we as one need to put all of our differences, whether it is race or gender aside, and fight as one. Instead of playing my horse is better than your horse. Focus on making an end to all problems instead of just our problems.

We owe it to ourselves, and our generations that we build and their generations that we should fight for what is right and not be selfish and only thing out ourselves for all women’s well being and our standing as women.”

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