Gender Discrimination and Social Issues

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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“In my first post this year on this very special day for women, Women’s Day, I’m going to tell you all about gender discrimination and problems females are going through. When I was recently going through speeches by famous people, I got connected to a speech which I recently heard- it is that of Hilary Clinton, where she refers to the lives of women as the “issues that matter the most”. You might be thinking she is a woman so she is calling it an issue that matters the most. Probably! But it is actually a burning issue that is ruining the lives of women. Women, including young girls, are going through such throbbing episodes in their life like rape, violence, murder, and many other incidents which the society is least bothered.

People often tell “gone are those days when women sit at home and behave as if their family was the only world they know! Women are now into almost all the fields of work, from the lowest position to the top most position of the company!” Do you think those days are actually gone? Maybe it reduced to a certain extent in certain places. That’s it!

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There is discrimination everywhere, in workplace, society, justice and many other places. Do you know why females are being discriminated? Women have low literacy rate. Women get lower education; do you know why is it happening? It is because the society thinks that women are weak. They are competing with men even when they are paid lower than men, even when they work more than men. So, being motivated is weak? But, where does this mindset come from? Men think that women aren’t smart as they are, therefore not important, so we don’t require higher levels of education. And that is why we can’t be as smart as men are! I think this can be put in a cycle.

Every man needs women at some or the other point of time in their life, actually from the time of birth! I really don’t know how men can overlook the fact that they’ve been raised by a woman whom they address as a mother, before they think low of a woman. Won’t you be angry if someone discriminates against your wife or girlfriend or sister or daughter? Won’t you fight against this saying that they are no less! Oh, so you’re only concerned about your family! The Indian pledge says “All Indians are my brothers and sisters”, we say that just for the formality or maybe for the sake of vowing which just comes out of our mouth but we don’t mean it? If we mean it, we should be helping our sisters from being discriminated, right?

When we are treated low by people, why should we stay tongue-tied, when we can fight against this!? There are many ways to bring down this problem. One such way is teaching. Teaching is the most effective way to prevent the gender discrimination and molestation of women from re-happening in the next generations. Giving the correct mindset? Maybe that’s what teaching actually means! There is a famous saying that “when a kid can’t be moulded, it is difficult for us to expect the grown-ups to be moulded”, so it should be made sure that we give correct inputs at the root. In other words, kids should be taught that gender is only for identification and for reproduction or else there is no difference between boys and girls and between men and women and between male and female. If this mindset is planted well on to the new generations, for sure gender discrimination wouldn’t exist. Now it’s your turn to think if this was useful. There is no time to contemplate anymore, it’s now the time for you to act and protect all the females around you from facing any kind of discrepancy!”

Gender Discrimination and Social Issues essay

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