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Updated: Oct 15, 2021
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“Did you know that the average american female only makes ? of what the average male does. Whether it is in Education or the workplace, gender bias still exists and is a major problem. There is still a huge difference in the way women get treated compared to how men get treated. Gender bias refers to the unequal rights, responsibilities and opportunities of women and men and girls and boys.

There are three main ideas that contribute to it, but there are still many others that do too. One of them is sexism, which refers to the range of attitudes, beliefs, policies, laws, and behaviors that discriminate on the basis of gender. A second idea that also contributes is gender roles. Gender roles are rights, responsibilities, expectations, and relationships of men and women in a society. The third idea is gender bias, which is the favoritism toward one gender or the other. All three are connected with each other.

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Gender bias exists everywhere from at home, to the work environment, and even social media. The first piece of gender bias we see is in the workplace. Women and men are looked upon differently when applying and interviewing for jobs. Men are looked as the “stronger and tougher” gender, so it is easier for there to get a job regarding construction, engineering, athletics, etc. Where women are “”supposed to”” work in fields such as nursing, office work, and so on, In addition, there is a clear difference in the pay amount and promotions that men and women receive.

We also see gender bias in law for example did you know that women are in custody less often than men, have receive fewer convictions and are given lighter sentences. For instance Women were 46 percent less likely to be held in jail before trial. Women were issued lower bail bond fees, amounting to less than half of what men charged with a similar crime were required to pay. Women were 58 percent less likely to be sentenced to prison than men. Lastly we see gender bias in social media

In this issue functionalists argue that gender roles were established well before the pre-industrial era when men typically took care of responsibilities outside of the home, such as hunting, and women typically took care of the domestic responsibilities in or around the home. These roles were considered functional because women were often limited by the physical restraints of pregnancy and nursing so are unable to leave the home for long periods of time. Once established, these roles were passed on to subsequent generations since they served as an effective means of keeping the family system functioning properly.”

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