About Race and Gender Discrimination

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Updated: Dec 18, 2020
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About Race and Gender Discrimination essay


This should be a significant paragraph that encapsulates what the intention of your artwork is about, the larger issues you are trying to address, and why you chose the particular medium and style to fit with this topic. Also, if you were inspired by other artists or types of work, you should indicate that here.

I chose to use the money to convey a message that I think is significant to us today. It says to Free The Underserved of America. Also, I drew a variety of people to resemble the underserved population of America. I decided to use the money to convey this message because, in order to break chains of poverty, the people must be able to make money to benefit their children. Another reason why I chose to use money is that it represents that money is the reason why these people can not reach their potential and contribute in a positive way to their community. I was inspired by not a specific person but as I was going through the internet, I found an image that said like children are not bad made by dollar bills. Not only can I say about the people who don’t have enough money to help their children survive and thrive but also the people who are in the LGBTQ community and people of different races.

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Please discuss why you chose this topic to address above others, and why this issue is one that you wanted to bring to attention and advocacy. What is it about this topic that moves you to take action?

I chose this topic to address above the others because there are so many men and women who are in this type of situation in the US. Also I chose this topic because I was inspired by the movie that was shown during glass about Homeboy and the job they do there. I noticed that many of these people are poor and uneducated. If these people happen to have children, the child also would live up to their parents and not be able to break the social chains, which can last for generations. This topic motivated me to take action because I hate to see these people repeat the actions of the previous generations and not being able to break the unjust social chains. I mean if they all went to school, they would benefit the community in a certain way.


Write at least five paragraphs that provide background research on this topic and demonstrate why there are social injustices related to it and why the issue is important to address.

In the world today, there are many social injustices. For example, discrimination, sexism, and homophobia. “Social injustice is a situation when some unfair practices are being carried in the society. (Google)” Social injustice issues be unfair labor practices, racial discrimination, discrimination due to gender, orientation, ethnicity, age. The one I did my project on was social chains and barriers.

Being underserved doesn’t necessarily mean that they are not making enough money to support themselves but also relates to discrimination due to gender. For example, today in the America, about four-in-ten working women say they have faced discrimination on the job because of their gender. This may mean that they are being paid less than what males get paid, get rejected because of their gender, or maybe they receive unequal privileges as the norm. Most of the women state that they are discriminated through their paychecks.

Anyone who need medical attention should be able to see doctors without worrying about being mistreated or harassed. However, some groups of people are seeking to make health care providers to discriminate against LGBTQ people. This is an unjust act because anyone who is LGBTQ would mean that this could endanger their lives through delays or denials of medically care. For example, a transgender teenager who was admitted to a hospital for suicidal ideation and self-inflicted injuries was repeatedly misgendered and then discharged early by hospital staff. He later committed suicide.

In the US and many other countries, there are many cases of racial discrimination. Race discrimination can also occur if an individual is treated differently based on their association with members of another race. An example of race discrimination is where you are from a particular racial group and an employer refuses to appoint you because, the employer says, you wouldn’t fit in or the customers would object. Another example of racial discrimination of the harsh and unjust treatment of many black people by the police. For example, a poll from NPR found that 60 percent of black Americans say they or a family member have been stopped or treated unfairly by police because they are black.

There are many social injustices. Social injustice issues be unfair labor practices, racial discrimination, discrimination due to gender, orientation, ethnicity, age. Without these social injustices, our world can be benefited a lot.


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  6. CST: Identify which themes of Catholic Social Teaching are found in this area of study and focus. Why do you see these themes present and how do they apply? Choose two quotes from Catholic Church teaching (one of them may be a Scripture) that you believe support or apply to your work and explain the connection.

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