Why is Racism a Problem?

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“Racism is a problem almost 99% of us face today. Racism is being treated differently for your skincolor orrace. Growing up black we are told our men are more likely to go to jail than college. According to the statistics from the video there are 1+ million black men in two or four year institutions. Also, there are 700 thousand+ black men in prison. Why are we told false accusations? Why are so many stereotypes presumed to be true? The reason for this is economically, mentally and physically white America does not want the black community to succeed. According to the NAACP fact sheet, African Americans are incarcerated at more than 5 times the rate of whites. In 1880, cocaine was discoveredin America. Not to mention, crack cocaine surfacedin minority communities. Cocaine is a powdery substance. Crack is formed into rocks.

The difference is crack is sold for lessmoney than cocaine based on the product ingredients. Therefore, minority groups got ahold of crack leading to the war on drugs. War on drugs was deaths and incarceration to Americans (black or Latinopreferably). Cocaine sentences began at 8-20 years in prison. A person with 1 gram of crack was sentenced to 8-20 years rather a person with cocaine had to have 100 grams to serve that sentence. This concludes that the war on drugs wasn’t to directly help people say no to drugs like president Reagan proposed but to incarcerate our people. The policy is that more black men are in jail making our young children believe that the only way is the streets when in reality the streets are just a white mans game plan to score a black male into prison. In themovie 13th, civil rights movement was a huge discussion. In 1865, the civil rights movement gained a win for the black community with voting and legal/segregation rights. Although this was a positive outcome the backlash was mass incarceration. From a phone call to Reagan’s Vice President

explaining the southern movement, he said First we start off by saying nigger, than we move on to segregation, then we start economically like taxes for we know blacks will suffer more than whites. This statement stuck with me for America plots on black peoples downfall. Specifically, the incarceration rate from 1970 to 2016 went from 500,000 to 2 million. Why? For when you are incarcerated, on house arrest, probation you lose your rights as an American. For example, afelon may not vote, apply to jobs, apply for life insuranceand have restrictions still as a free? American. Not to mention, while you are incarcerated you are doing free labor. Companies such as Victoria secret, Walmart, Jc penny and sports companies invest in the prison free labor.

Then, you come home from prison and can’t even find or obtain a real job for money. Moral of my response is White america purposely made stereotypesor respectable policiesto harm the black community.For example, Black people conformed to sitting on the back of the bus. Rosa parks was the one to stand up and say this is not right, we should be able to sit whenever wherever ever. Although, we as activist, leaders and role models try to implement good behavior andblack lives matter they find a way to make us turn our backs to our own people. Our families in jail suffer because no one asks questions or feels the need to dig deep in their cases. Our children suffer when we don’t help them with their homework but buythem play guns and weapons. Being identified as a criminal, Robbers, too dark, thug, dumbis just another way of saying nigger.

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