Movie Review of Argo with Regards to Geography

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Updated: Mar 07, 2023
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The movie “Crash” is set in a geographical setting which clearly helps in building the major themes of racial discrimination and drug trafficking. This is because the movie is set in Los Angeles which is an area of racial discrimination epitome and partially in Mexico, a geographical area well known for drug trafficking (Schneider, 2014). The physical geographical setting where the movie is shot is very crucial as it helps in developing the main themes of the movie. The movie is more concerned with human geography of the places since it has a direct impact on the plot of the movie as it helps in building the storyline through real life allusion of the life condition in the area.

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The site where the movie is shot is of great significance. This is because it forms the basis of allusion which helps in building the plot of the movie (Muehlenhaus, 2014). The places are wisely chosen to ensure real setting.

The themes of racism and drug trafficking is evidenced in the places (Muehlenhaus, 2014). Considering the movie aims at creation of enlightenment to solve the issue of racism and drug trafficking, it is ensured that the places where the movie happened are deeply affected by the issues of racism and drug trafficking. Various elements of geography especially human geography of the places where the movie happened have direct impact on the lives of the characters (Schneider, 2014). The human geography of a place like Los Angeles makes the characters that are mostly black experience racial discrimination as they are living in a Caucasian dominated area. According to Schneider (2014), the human geography encourages exploitation of the characters. This is because a few blacks are used to conduct racism by the Caucasian racists.

It also threatens lives of the characters as human setting encourages racism which in turn makes people to crash on one another (Schneider, 2014). Characters loose lives via racial related shootings. The geographical element of Mexico promotes drug trafficking hence this influences the lives of the characters as most of them end up being drug peddlers as well as addicts. The geographical elements of the places where the movie happened also help in developing the plot of the movie. It is through the plot that the main themes of the movie are clearly molded. The sites in the movie create an insecure emotional environment (Greene et al, 2014). This is because the characters live in a tense environment deeply rooted in racial discrimination hence making their lives to be in danger. The emotional environment is insecure as in the area there are rampant shooting all fueled by racial differences.

The issues that are addressed in the movie include gender, race, and causes strangers to collide physically and emotionally in this drama. In this movie, some aspects of human geography are featured whereby there is water in the incidence of the Oscar controversy where was the competition of the best picture, the picture of the Bore Black Mountains won (Orbe & Kinefuchi, 2008). In addition, there is use of the rotten tomatoes in the story, a clear implication that there is agriculture in the movie. The film is believed to have generated a controversy that is considerable up on its release. It is opened to mixed and diverged reactions that are high on critics. Some of the communities living in Los Angeles praised the crash movie for according to their culture it had some aspects of originality and daring premise (Kauppi et al, 2010). On the other hand, the movie addresses the issues of drugs abuse and the fight against racism, as the culture of the people who practiced such evil in the society firmly opposed the movie (Orbe & Kinefuchi, 2008).

The culture of the people where this movie is shot is the key factor that is used in reaching the above refrain. This makes the users to be in position to think about the stereotypes and the nature of bigotry. The characters in the Crash movie are constantly switching to heavy from hero in a way that is exhilarating and deeply touching (Kauppi et al, 2010). The style writing of the movie involves different characters from different ethnicity, and different racial groups. This is a clear implication that the crush movie is comprised of different cultures. The climate of the site was Mediterranean where the warm weather favored the activities of the crash movie performance. This involved various geographical human resources. For instance, there were persons used as undercover police.

The environmental area where the movie was being made was kind of instable. The people living there were disintegrated in terms of political, skin color and culture (Kauppi et al, 2010). Certainly, this movie has a great impact to geographical aspects like immigration. In the society, there is racial discrimination, where people of different colors are not living in unity. This will discourage immigration since there is the fear of isolation and being treated differently. Nobody would like to move out of the environment he or she lives no matter how bad it is to settle in a place where there is racism and abuse of drugs (Orbe & Kinefuchi, 2008). In the Crash, the administration has not hesitated to fight against the evil of discrimination and drug abuse” rather efforts are made through implementation of decisions that can bring the same to an end.


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