My Sister’s Keeper Movie Review

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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Ever feel like you were just made to be “spare parts” to save your sister’s life, against your will? Can’t relate? Hopefully, that is a good thing. In My Sister’s Keeper, about a child that was genetically engineered to save her older sister who was dying from leukemia tells the story just about that. Anna Fitzgerald, who was genetically engineered to be a genetic savior for her older sister who was dying from leukemia, is finally tired of giving up her body and her rights to her older sister.

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The irregular decision, suggested by their doctor, to conceive Anna to be a donor to her sister slowly decays the entire family. Then finally when Anna sues her parents for emancipation, it sets off a court case that threatens to corrode the family. There are many different social ills portrayed in this movie, but the most prevalent one is children’s rights. In my own opinion, I think that the movie is worth watching because it shows how sometimes the best thing to do isn’t always the right thing and to warn us of the dangers of “designer babies” but more specifically in vitro fertilization from an ethical standpoint.

One dramatic feature that enhances the quality of the movie is the choice of color. In the many scenes that show Kate at the hospital, they all use very bland and boring colors like blue and white, this makes the viewer feel as if he is at the hospital itself. Another example of this is when the older brother goes on the train. The colors that were chosen to represent that scene were all dark colors, this set the mood as quiet and sad. Another feature that enhances the quality of the movie is the different points of view(Camera work). sometimes during a scene, the camera would focus on a character and the character would narrate what is happening from their point of view. This makes it easier for the viewer to ‘step in the character’s shoes’ and see the situation from the characters point of view. This allows the viewer to better connect with the characters. The last feature that enhances the quality of the movie is the songs/music that are played during different scenes. During different parts of the movie, a song would play that would set the tone for that scene. One example of this is the ‘happy’ music that was played when Kate and her boyfriend were taking pictures before her ‘prom.’

The most prevalent social issue addressed in My Sister’s Keeper is children’s rights. Throughout the movie, Anna is fighting for her rights as a child, because her rights, and the rights of children in general, are restricted. The social ill, quite frankly, is not portrayed realistically in the movie. I think this because in a realistic lens you will not find too many children hiring a lawyer to sue their parents for their rights. The characters reaction to the problem is indeed realistic, because each character copes with the problem differently, just like in any real-life situation. All in all, My sister’s keeper is an excellent movie that I suggest to watch because it is bringing a problem that might be irrelevant right now, as of today. However as advancements in technology and bioengineering continue. This problem will be more relevant than ever. 

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