Thomas Jefferson : Achievements on the U.S.

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Thomas Jefferson in his presidency showed that he couldn’t handle Britain when they stole our men from right in front of our noses. Jefferson thought that reducing the Army, end Naval expansion ,and lowering government cost would be good ideas for the U.S well not really if you ask me. The Louisiana purchase of 1803 is a good decision Jefferson did considering it multiplied the size of the nation. He also sent a exposition to the newly purchased land AKA (the Louisiana purchase land).

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Andrew Jackson’s is probably just, because he is so we’ll known for the killing of Natives, and he is the hero of the War of 1812. First try Jackson lost the election second try for the presidency won. Once he had the power of the presidency he was the president this far in history to embrace the power of a presidential veto on the national bank. Also he probably is the first president to ignore the ruling of the supreme Court.

Three Achievements that Jefferson did was expanding the nation’s size. He also sent two men to explore the new land obtained by the Louisiana purchase of 1803, and by exploring the land the U.S knows their land better than before. These are the three Achievements Jefferson had on the U.S.

Three Achievements that Jackson did was the enforcement of the Indian removal act of 1830 leading to new open farm land for the U.S. He introduced the Spoils System giving the people a more response to popular needs, and necessary needs. Lastly the veto Jackson placed on the renewal of the National bank. These are some of the Achievements Jackson had accomplished in his years of presidency.

Three challenges that Jefferson had faced buying the Louisiana territory behind the backs of the branches. Another difficulty Jefferson faced was the kidnappings of U.S sailors by the British. Now how to deal with this was one of his other difficulties he faced Jefferson responded by making the embargo acts of 1807. These are some of the difficulties that Jefferson had faced.

Three challenges that Jackson had faced during his presidency. First was how to deal with the Natives in Georgia, and on the frontier this was a problem, because that land could be used for farming to benefit the U.S’s economy. Then the way that he ignores the supreme Court’s ruling to enforce anyway the Indian Removal Act this causing problem relationships with the other branches, and people. Lastly the nullification crisis where South Carolina refuses to pay the tax set upon it this is a problem, because other states may be encouraged to resist the government.

The challenges that both Jackson, and Jefferson faced were different, because Jeff’s biggest problem came from Britain, but the biggest problem that Jack faced came from the Supreme Court. Jackson’s problems came from the excess of democracy, and the usage of the power of his veto. Unlike Jefferson’s problems were more nationally important than Jackson’s problems.

The other difference was that Jefferson didn’t cause many problems like Jackson did.

Based on the text the more successful president was Jefferson, because he wasn’t to dictatorial unlike Jackson. It may also had been that Jackson became president in a more problematic time, but the decision he made only increased the size of the problems. By the people’s point of view Jackson handled problems by taking them to the next level. This is why Jefferson was a more successful president than Jackson.

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