Andrew Jackson – Presidency, Facts & Accomplishments

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Andrew Jackson, the seventh president of the United States and was put into presidency in the year 1829. He was a man with a short temper and no fear to duel anyone that he wish. Jackson had sadly more than 100 duels in his presidency and there is no real marking on how much people he killed in battle. One of his infamous sayings were he’d fight you to the drop of the hat. Another thing to know from that saying is he would be the first to drop the hat but still keep gun fighting with his dueler.

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He is so hot-headed that he would fight the person who upsetted him immediately with no acceptions.

Jackson has hurt a lot of people, yes but not all were physical hurt in history. One of those pains in history were called the Trail of Tears. This all started when an act was passed in 1830 in which was called The Indian Removal Act. At first it was harmless to the Indians, the government only wanted to trade land with the Indians to the Great Plains and also to make treaties. Nothing in the act was telling nobody the government they could force the Indians out of their lands. So just to stay safe in these occasions in 1831 the Supreme Court announced that they do not want to force the Indians out of their land whatsoever. Sadly the Supreme Court’s idea of how force wasn’t the answer wasn’t taken by Jackson so well. By that he sent his troops to force the Indians out of their land with no care for that court said. Jackson’s plan backfired for a few years when a few Creeks disagreed with Jackson’s wants so they wouldn’t leave their land, that itself backfired as well and they were forced in cuffs out of their land for good.

The Trail of Tears wasn’t a nice one at all and ended up with 4,000 dead Indians on the way of it due multiple reasons. Some were on foot along the way to reach Indian land for them to finally be free. This was because their were not enough carriages and horses or mules to carry all of them to their destined land. That could’ve also been a cause of why many of them died, mostly from exhaustion and the heat overdriving their bodies. This was all Jackson’s idea and he let all these people die while only thinking about himself and the farmers nearby the farmer’s land.

Not only did Andrew Jackson’s no-good-doing took outside of his own state but also inside. For a matter of fact, it happened not only in his state but inside the white house despite how truly ridiculous it sounds but it was called The Kitchen Cabinet. This so called “Kitchen Cabinet” didn’t at all take place in Jackson’s kitchen but instead his official cabinet. This cabinet was not full of people that went to school and had this particular job to help the president with his decisions. No, but instead people he trusted that were basically friends of his. Keep in mind that these people help the president with his decisions, someone not classified for that particular job so they could easily slip up and make the president aka Jackson make a silly decision in which will result in chaos. They absolutely can’t have those mistakes when it comes to having the role as president acting on those decisions with no worry since your so called “cabinet” said yes.

Andrew Jackson has made multiple bad choices in history and it really still shows nowadays on how we need to remember not to repeat history. Yes, he had had a few good deeds that started his fame like how he was the hero of The Battle of New Orleans in 1812. This was a memorable yes, but you have to know what true aggressive nature he had when in presidency. That aggressive nature in no way could be written over or forgotten when there was such little he did in history that was acceptable or good. There was a few honorable wars of his but not too many once in control. He was in-between good and bad president, he helped people but also destroyed people.

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