The Next Step to Success in Music Industry

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Ever since I attend high school, I have been passionate about a career that will take many steps to accomplish. I have always wonder what made me choose this career; I never had a role model to lead me to this example. Music played a huge role in my life especially during my high school years. What made me start to love music is when I joined a choir and acknowledge that I might have a passion for something that is out of my comfort zone.

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During my senior year is when everything changed my perspective of what I wanted to pursue for the rest of my life. At that moment, I wanted to take this hobby of mine and turn it into a professional career. I became a role model to other students that anything is possible if you have a passion for something, never hesitate what you want to pursue. I would personally say that I am not a talent singer nor an amazing instrument player of any sort, but being around talented people made me think that I can turn this one skilled person into a star. I want to make other people’s dreams into reality. It is not easy to go and make someone a star; it takes steps and sometimes those steps do not happen or become successful. This is the reason why this career will have to take two degrees to accomplish my dreams and theirs.

The first degree I will need is a Bachelor’s degree is in Business communication. Business communication is more than communicating with other organizations. It is about sharing information between people within an enterprise and is performed for any of the commercial benefits of any organizations. Also, Business Communication can also refer to how companies or entrepreneurs share their information to promote their product or services to any potential consumers. The business field will help me get connections and also know the bigger idea of becoming a great promoter in the music industry. In the real world, there are two forms of communication. These two are verbal and nonverbal; these are used in everyday business activities or in general, in life. These activities can include contributing to decision making in meetings, presenting management procedures or seeking performers in my case. However, Business Communication is inconsequential without feedback. By this I mean, usually feedback is developed in which the output of an action or behavior is modified with the following operation. In regards to Business Communication, valuable feedback is the information sent to any individual, company or group about its past behavior. This will only modify to create a more desired outcome in the future. The business aspect will lead me to many music companies to learn the ropes at a promotion company. Although I may start out doing fundamental things, such as passing out flyers or posters for upcoming events/concerts, working backstage or just working my way up to becoming a general lead promoter in any activities or shows. I would also focus on advertising music or even counting all merchandise. I firmly believe that communicating is key to more success.

The second degree I will need to accomplish is a Minor in Music Business. Becoming a promoter or producer will take more than a business degree. Learning the elements to a music career can be tricky because you would want what the audience wants. The Music Industry consists of the individuals, Bands or group artists that want to earn money by creating art such as new music, pieces of their merchandise and selling live concerts and shows. Another part of being in the music industry is Audio and video recordings and most importantly, compositing music. Being apart of a new era of music creators is the atmosphere I want to be in. For example, This article titled ‘Understanding the Music Industries: Music Publishers, Syncs and Licensing’ it talks about understanding all the elements in the music industry and what it takes to become a promoter or producer. This article defines every portion of every job and describes it very well to what I want to become one day.

Music will forever be a passion for me and has changed my life for the better. I hope to accomplish this dream of mine within the next five years, although there is no expiration date to my graduation. As long as I do what I am here to do, everything will turn out okay. Once I accomplish my dream, I hope someday I can help someone achieve their goals. Everything happens for a reason, and I hope that this dream will turn into reality.

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