Characteristics of the Jazz Music

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Updated: May 15, 2020
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Characteristics of the Jazz Music essay

Jazz is a music genre thats originated in the African-American communities of New Orlenas.It developed from roots in blues and ragtime.Jazz is seen by many as “Ameica’s classical music”.It was recognized as a major form of musical expression,as it had a huge combinatoon of instruments from different musical genres.Jazz spread around the world it drew on different national,regional and local musical cultures,which gave rise to many distinctive styles.

Jazz is often called improvisational, developed and influenced by both Eurpoean harmonic structure and African rythms.It was developed partially from ragtime and blues and is often characterized by synocopated rythms,polyphonic ensemble playing,varying degrees of improvisations,often deliberate deviations of pitch.All encompassing definition of Jazz is probably futile,from its very beginnings till the 20th century a constantly evolving,expanding,changing music,passing through several distinctive phases of development.

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As a start of the musical traditions. Slave songs:African-American slaves would often sing spirtuals such as “Swing Low,Sweet Chariot”.These songs were the method that slaves used to express themselves.The work songs were often sung as “call-and-response” this idea became an important component in improvisation.Brass Bands:These bands were made up of trumpets,trombones, clarinets, saxophones and drums.Blues:The 12-bar blues harmonic pattern,became the basis for improvisation with jazz musicians.Ragtime:The piano style was developed primarily by black pianists.

Jazz can be very upbeat and very low down,When its really called sweet and hot.Jazz is very hard to define because there is so much room to create during performance,as jazz is about communication between musicians.Jazz is always a mix of conversion between musicians and meditation.and as an example for that.Three huge jazz icons who have been leading innovation Miles Davis,Charlie Mingus and John coltrane embraced a combination of different music genres Rock,Classical or, Folk which have a unique relationship in its exposition where they have some different “key” components than those of jazz.

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