Technology in Modern Basketball

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With basketball getting more and more popular, more people regret basketball as their favorite sport. But basketball has gone through a long period. The system and the level of coach had changed a lot. This made basketball have more different than nowadays. Today I want to introduce some obvious difference between modern basketball and traditional basketball.

Firstly, game style had changed a lot, in the past, the players are more expected to shoot mid-range shoot. And different kinds of mid-range skills are what they had to master. But now this skill is becoming less useful. More and more coach was telling their players to enlarge their range, no matter what position you are, you should try you best to shoot 3-pts. The reason is very simple; 3-pts doesn’t need good physical quality, so you just should spare some time to practice your own skill. In other word, the harder we are, the better you will be. Besides, 3-pts shooter can create the space so that they can easily give the ball to the best player. And he can more easily attack the defense, which means they have more easily opportunity to get high scores and help their team to have more tactics. What’s more???the developing technology made the practice more easily and real so that they don’t worry who the coach they will meet. For example, VR and AR have been widely used in the shooting exercise. VR is a technology that is trying to simulated reality. This technology can help players feel they at a real game so that they can make different reflects in different situation. In a long run, they can enlarge their experience so that they can have a better game behavior. But the technology is hard to model physical confrontation. So this technology is used to improve their shooting skills. The other part is AR technology. AR is a technology try to augmented reality, which has the same function as VR did. So AR and VR make the exercise more real. In that case 3-pts is becoming more and more important, more and more team tend to sign one to two excellent shooter to support their team have better grades.

Secondly, salary has changed a lot in the past year. More and more player has more chance to sign a large amount contract. I think there are a lot of reasons among this change. Above all, due to the increasing technology, more game can be record, which made more sports channel want to have cooperation with `the competition. An apparatus and method for broadcast burst transmission of compressed audio/video programs from a stored library to a multiplicity of subscribers. The stored programs are burst transmitted repeatedly in a predetermined sequence of entire programs or segments thereof to a receiver at each subscriber’s location. Each receiver is operative for accessing the predetermined broadcast schedule, inputting a subscriber’s order for one or more programs, monitoring the broadcast burst transmissions for the one or more ordered programs, receiving the one or more ordered programs in a burst time period corresponding to the time period of the burst transmission, and storing the one or more ordered programs. The subscriber then enjoys full VCR-like control over playback at his convenience of the ordered, which are then decompressed by the receiver for viewing in real time. And now more channel find new technology to make the broadcast easier. They use more ways to make record game easily so that more games are easily to be broadcast. Owing to this reason more and more players wants to gain more money from their team. Because they think they are trying their best to win the more games so that the team will appeal to more fans and then more fans will try to watch the games in person or choose to buy the copyright of the games. And more products choose the good player to help them sell more products. In the last, some good basketball games are willing to invent them to make the game more real so that more and more people want to buy their games and enjoy a good time.

The next one is about the technology in the treatment. As we all know basketball is a sport that is easy to have injury. In the past there are a lot of situations that a super star quit their career because their injury. But now the advanced technology of treatment had changed this situation. More and more teams pay more attention to helping their players to keep health. They use a lot of ways to protect their player and cure their player. Liquid Nitrogen has come into a lot of players’ daily life. After training, keeping fit, and games more players choose to use Liquid Nitrogen to help them keep health because the temperature of the Liquid Nitrogen can approach in a low degree so many players tend to use this technology to help them remit the sore of muscles. And PRP also has been a part for players recovers from the big injury. PRP, platelet-enriched plasma treatments, and basically what is that they draw blood from your arm spin it in a centrifuge and spin the plasma into the entries. Because of these technologies, it helps players to have less injury and help them recover quickly from some big injury.

The last thing I want to introduce is technology in judging. In the past, it is hard for coach to judge whether the player is shooting 3-pts if they shoots nearly the 3-pts line. But now they can use press sensor to solve these problems. When the player try to shoot, press sensor under the floor will account so that they can make sure which points does the player shoot. Besides, it is easy for league to account time. In the past, it is hard for judger to make the left time accurate. But now good clock can help them to work out this problem. It is convinced for these clocks to check the time. In the help of these technologies, the games becoming fairer and the number of fans want to watch it and enjoy it.

With the technology becoming better and better, more and more players have changed their life by playing basketball. And to become a NBA player also become more and more children’s dream.

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