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Social Identities of Different Groups of People

Words: 1649 Pages: 5 4103

Our society manages collective ideas about who gets to belong to our group and which types of people are seen as different- the other. Social identities are relational- groups typically define themselves in relation to others. This is because identity has very little meaning without the existence of “the other”. In Conrad’s “Heart of Darkness”, […]

Topics: Africa, Family, Heart of Darkness, Perception, Self

Escaping the Shackles of Modern Society

Words: 1817 Pages: 6 4093

Throughout the history of drama production, the underlying message meant to be conveyed has been interpreted in many ways. Terrence Smith and Mike Miller argued that “The purpose of drama is not to define thought but to provoke it,” suggesting that plays are not used to spell out a one-sided topic, but rather are meant […]

Topics: A Raisin In The Sun, American Dream, Capitalism, Death of a Salesman, Self

Servant Leadership in Diverse Contexts

Words: 1251 Pages: 4 4780

There are many different cultures which one will have a different religious viewpoints on things especially when it comes to being a servant leader. Here we are looking at the study with servant leadership and how it is viewed from different cultural perspective and for a different religious point of view other than Christianity, so […]

Topics: Islam, Leadership, Self, Servant Leadership, Value

The Book Dibs: in Search of Self

Words: 1301 Pages: 4 4396

Abstract This book is about a five year old patient of Virginia Axline, who also happens to be the author of the book, named Dibs. Coming from very driven and wealthy parents with respectable careers, the boy is very quiet and only speaks if he doesn’t like something. His parents even thought to put him […]

Topics: Book Review, Child, Human Nature, Self

Two Spirit Dance Film Review

Words: 391 Pages: 1 4046

In the film, The Two Spirit Dance, the viewer sees the ways in which dance allows for an individual to find their true sense of self. For many years the Native American culture was against homosexuality. People who didn’t conform in being heterosexual felt outcasted and treated as different. The Hoop dance is an indigenous […]

Topics: Critical Theory, Feminism, Gender, Gender Equality, Gender Roles, Homosexuality, Human Sexuality, Identity Politics, LGBT, Self, Sex, Sexual Orientation
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