I am Happy with myself

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Updated: Oct 15, 2021
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I am Happy with myself essay

What is a discourse community? A discourse community is a group of people with common interest, beliefs, and morals. In discourse communities people share a set of goals, and objectives. The discourse community I belong in is a faith-based community. Personally, I identify as Christian, which isn’t always something easy to say. My life as a Christian hasn’t necessarily been easy, I’ve had many ups and downs and times where I felt like I didn’t believe anymore. I was born into a Christian family, which is a blessing, but also used to seem like a curse. I felt I had to be a perfect Christian, which was an unattainable goal that I chased for many years. I went to church every Sunday with my family since I was very young, but I never felt like I had truly heard the word of God.

As I grew older, I got more involved in the church, but I still felt left out, as if I didn’t belong there. I came to the realization that while I was too busy trying to this “perfect Christian”, I had lost myself, and began to let go of my faith along the way. So, I started a new journey, my walk with God. I didn’t put pressure on myself to be perfect for others, but I began bettering myself for the Father. I began to read my bible more, and as I did I started to understand what I was reading. I began reciting my prayers and gained knowledge of what they truly meant. When I was younger I was always told there was no love like God’s, and I had finally begun to feel that. I began to truly praise the Lord, it was such a moving experience. Since feeling the love of God, I’ve spread his word and he’s opened so many doors for me.

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What does it mean to be a Christian? To be a Christian, you must have a relationship with God, just like your relationships with others it isn’t something you’re just born with. Therefore, no one is born Christian, you must become a Christian by taking Jesus as your savior. Many believe being a follower of Christ is just following a book of rules. Fortunately, it isn’t all about rules, while you should do your best to follow them, you must remember we are sinners, we have always sinned, and luckily God has always forgiven. Before I had given my life to Christ I always wanted more, I wanted to have the best clothes, the best shoes, the most popular friends, and of course the most perfect family. I didn’t feel complete, I felt like no matter what I did I was never happy. As previously stated, I had been to church, but I had never fully given my life to him. I knew he was the answer to my problems, but I was too naïve to go for the jump.

As humans, we tend to always want the best for ourselves. We see someone who owns an item more elaborate than us, and we then must have something better. We may have great friends, but if there is someone who can help us rise to the top, we would rather have that person in our lives, no? We tend to be ungrateful for the things we have, and can often find things to complain about, even if our lives are going well. You’ll always feel like something is missing, an emptiness in your life if you will, and for me that was God. As a Christian it’s more than wanting the best, you must put your best effort forward, and follow the path God’s set for you. There will be times when your faith is tested, and your mind will become cloudy. If you’re like most people, you’ll want to ask yourself why? You’ve helped those less fortunate than you, you love others as if they’re family, you pray for others, but still you find yourself struggling. See, sometimes God put’s us into situations to pull us closer to him, and to grow our relationship with him.

As a Christian I can tell you that things like this won’t last, when I am troubled I just look to the Father and he always tells me where to go. Christ has opened many doors for me, not only academic but even just viewing in myself. I have improved so much in school, I take more time in my work and I don’t stress nearly as much. I have a variety of colleges I can apply to, something I thought was impossible just a few years ago. When I look at myself I am happy, I know I may not be beautiful to everyone, but I know I am beautiful in god’s eyes. I am much happier with myself as a person as well, I care about other feelings, and am more cautious when giving my opinion. I am kinder and do more good deeds than I would prior to giving my life to the Lord. Some people may say that Christians tend to say things that may be hurtful to others. I personally don’t believe it’s ever to hurt someone. I believe we say thing’s based on our beliefs, and regardless of how much you agree, or disagree, it is still what is believed by Christians and I don’t think anyone can change that. Christians spread the word of god, and while somethings may be hurtful, it it never an intentional thing. It’s what has been taught to them.

In conclusion, being a Christian isn’t always easy. You make mistakes and sometimes your decisions can hurt others. But, you must learn to forgive and to forget, even if the person who hurt you is yourself. My journey as a Christian has been a long one, with many ups and downs, there has been times where I didn’t think this was what I wanted anymore, and there’s been times where I knew this was all I had ever wanted. Discourse communities are here because everyone Is unique, and while being a Christian may be right for me, you may feel it isn’t right for you, and that’s okay. 

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