The Ultimate Goal i have Set for myself

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Updated: Feb 27, 2023
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Goals are the driving forces to success and success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal. To be a programmer of chemical pathways is the ultimate goal I have set for myself. During my schools days my strong inclination towards mathematics and chemistry left me intrigued. I found myself wanting more than just what a textbook can teach me. The zeal to accomplish learning the periodic table and recall all the stoichiometric equations, structures of organic compounds fascinated me enough to pursue chemical engineering as my undergraduate degree.

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Today, I have realized that chemical engineering is much more profound. Chemical engineers have been improving our well-being for more than a century. From the development of smaller, faster computer chips to innovations in recycling, treating diseases and generating energy, a chemical engineer’s job is to convert basic raw materials to products with strong design and operation of the equipment on a large scale basis in mind. The synergy of Engineering is rapidly gaining traction in today’s business world as it juxtaposes technological innovations with lean management styles and drives organizations through fickle economies and competitive markets. In such a time, engineers who can apply multi-disciplinary technical knowledge to advanced business practices have become very valuable. In this regard I have decided to apply for Masters in Chemical Engineering at your esteemed university to improve my skills and knowledge as a chemical engineer and serve the world.

In the period of my study at Chaitanya Bharathi Institute of Technology under Osmania University I have exposed myself to a wide range of subjects like Heat transfer, Mass Transfer, Fluid Mechanics, Chemical Reaction Engineering, Transport Phenomena, Process Dynamics and Control and Thermodynamics. The scope for cutting edge research in this field has motivated me to pursue graduate studies. I had the opportunity to be a member of IICHE (Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers) which had given me the opportunity to attend various guest lectures on chemical technology at IICT (Indian Institute of Chemical Technology). Despite its all-encompassing promises, my under graduation is still in its formative stage. The fact that chemical engineering has applications in many fields beckons me.

I did not limit myself to any specific field so I prepared various presentations on topics like ‘Radioactive waste management’, ‘offshore drilling of oil’ and ‘multiple effect evaporation’. As the current issue in the world revolves around global warming causing environmental damage, I took up waste management, more so on radioactive waste management due to the fact that the most powerful energy today is nuclear energy. Energy is one of the topics that have always kept me on my toes for acquiring as much knowledge as possible. Non-renewable energy being the next predicament, I instantly gravitated towards petroleum and coal which led me to present a paper on offshore drilling and doing an internship on grading of coal quality at Singareni Collieries Company Limited, where I have learnt about the quality and quantity measurements of Coal.

My short summer internship at Dr. Reddy’s laboratories, one of the top pharmaceutical companies in production of drugs in India has given me an industrial experience. I have done simple experiments in testing the overall equipment effectiveness and to improve the same. Some of the equipment’s included rotary drum vacuum filters, agitated nutsche filters, agitated thin film driers and evaporators. This led me to present a paper on multiple effect evaporators due to its numerous advantages. Another industrial experience I have obtained was at 37 microns India private limited. The company is an exporter of minerals and ores, quartz powder, grains and grits that are further used to manufacture glass. My time there has taught me how to work on large scale mechanical unit operations on equipment’s used for size distribution like jaw crushers and ball mills.

From my institute, with the help of my professor, I was able to visit many industries. My visit to the Gold Drop Oil plant has provided me with an insight on how a refinery functions. During my fourth year I had visited Claire industries, one of the top companies to manufacture equipment to reduce air pollution. I now understand the process of bag filters used to collect air pollutants. Having a proper understanding for all that I have discovered till now, I look forward to doing a project on manufacturing of an intricate benzene chemical compound during my final semester of the course for earning credentials.

Now, in my final year, I realize how much more I really want to learn and specialize in this field of study. Masters at this juncture would benefit and provide exposure to lay the strong and enduring foundation for my future. I realize that the task ahead would be arduous and sometimes even daunting. Nature rarely parts with her secrets easily. It is my quest to learn more and be a part of technological revolution in this world that provoked me to pursue graduate studies. My goal is to leverage myself to a leading position in the industry or a research organization for a successful career. Apart from academics, I have never given up on my extracurricular activities. I volunteered for technical symposiums and I am a member of the design team of a national cultural fest. I consider myself a bit of a hobby artist and chef. Also I have trained in classical south Indian dancing. It is necessary to find a balance between various roles one plays.

The universities in United States of America offer the best education in chemical sciences with excellent infrastructure, experienced faculty, and invigorating academic environment. With constant interaction between the industry and the university the studies are empirical in nature. I believe that your university would best help me in further honing my knowledge and skills in chemical engineering. Missouri University of Science and Technology has an excellent faculty, its students are top notch and the university has a great body of contemporary and backed by state-of-art research programs in my areas of interest- mass and heat transfer and computer-aided design. Furthermore, I believe I could be a valuable asset to you team with my educational background, depth of knowledge, strong analytical skills and a hard-working nature. With a mindset to excel, I am sure that I will fulfill my goal with my effort and your help.

I look forward to being part of your academic and research community at your well-respected university. 

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