I’m Going to my Goal

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Updated: Mar 14, 2023
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During my time at Marywood University, I have worked toward my goal of developing a career in nutrition and dietetics; a passion that I have strived toward for most of my life. This passion comes from my desire to see nutrition valued in my home country of Finland at the same level it is here in the U.S. The Finnish people are seeking to improve their health, however they are missing the vast knowledge and expertise that American dietitians have long provided here.

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The fact that Sodexo is a global organization and has a location in Helsinki, Finland, contributes to my compelling interest in your prominent dietetic internship. My attendance at your Open House in Allentown, PA, Allison Reyes’ presentation as a guest speaker at Marywood, and my connections with your current interns Kelby Cole and Johanna Lamb, have helped increase my knowledge on the flexibility, individuality, and distinctiveness of your internship. I intend to earn an MS in Nutrition in May 2019. And hope to complete my supervised practice with your program where I will gain valuable experience in a nurturing environment. After passing the RDN exam I hope to continue to earn experience and build a solid foundation as an entry-level dietitian in the U.S. Eventually I plan to return to Finland to work as an English-speaking dietitian in order to further my understanding of the world class Finnish health care system, and in exchange, provide a new perspective on health care for people with diabetes in that country. Although Finland is one of the most affluent countries, it also has the highest rate of Type 1 diabetes in the world. With this in mind, I am especially interested in Sodexo’s diabetes concentration, as it will prepare me for addressing this issue in the Finnish community.

After spending time in Finland I plan to return to the States and work in either acute care or in an outpatient care center with a focus on diabetes. Eventually, I plan to earn my certified diabetes educator (CDE) credential. Once I have completed the necessary eligibility requirements to become a CDE, my ultimate goal is to open a private practice providing services for clients with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.

Along with my interest in diabetes, I enjoy positively interacting with others through volunteer and extracurricular activities. These types of activities have helped prepare me for my internship and future career. Aside from the numerous organizations I am involved with as either an active member or as a leader, my courses at Marywood allowed me to gain practical experience providing, among other things, nutrition education and a sense of self-discovery regarding my future.

I have demonstrated strong communication, organization, and commitment skills. I created the annual Student vs. Faculty basketball game in an effort to enhance a sense of community on campus. Through connecting with numerous entities, designing the winner’s trophy, fundraising for the event, creating flyers, and organizing the teams, I displayed motivation, trustworthiness, and flexibility. I also led numerous nutrition education lessons on a variety of topics to diverse populations. These lessons included topics such as cholesterol control, and alternative snack ideas. My efforts in these activities led to my induction into the Greek Honor Society; Order of Omega for leadership achievements.

One of my leadership positions that I valued was as a member of the social media team for the student organization “GetFruved”. GetFruved is a USDA funded organization geared towards improving the health of college-aged people. I was in charge of designing creative social media posts based on various nutrition topics. Not only did I share my knowledge and creativity, I learned how to work effectively as one of GetFruved’s interdisciplinary team members.

Along with exhibiting teamwork, I have taken on leadership rolls within Marywood’s Student Government Association as well. During my four years as an elected Class of 2018 Senator, I was appointed the position of Dining Services Representative for one year. I was responsible for meeting with the director of Dining Services on campus once a month to discuss food options and concerns voiced by students. I learned how to work independently and problem-solve. It was my responsibility to help the students and director brainstorm ideas and communicate in a professional manor. Through successfully collaborating with students and faculty, I increased my invaluable interpersonal and consistency skills.

Although I have had a substantial influence on student life issues, I have also faced challenges during my time as a student. One of my biggest areas of growth pertains to exercising perfect time management. I spent the earlier years of my undergraduate career struggling to efficiently juggle extracurricular activities, social, and academic life. My desire to be involved on campus, at times, took a toll on the time I had left to focus on my studies. As I matured I took steps to improve on this. I retook several courses to improve my GPA. I even earned the recognition of being on the Deans List for the first time in my college career. Along with stronger academic performance, I took on a part time job and ultimately thrived in school, work, and life. Although I have stumbled in the past, I continue to persevere through my adversities and overcome obstacles when they come my way.

I feel I am an excellent match for Sodexo’s dietetic internship and if granted a spot, I hope to be able to push myself harder, and achieve more as an aspiring dietitian. Sodexo’s rotations will help prepare me for my future as a CDE. They say that the years spent learning are the most essential years of our lives. I believe this internship could not only be the most essential, but also the best year of my life, and I look forward to furthering my education through your program.

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