Racism in Today’s Society

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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“There is still racism today all in society. Over the past ten years, there is so much evidence to show how bad it’s getting. There is much to the problem including profiling, judges and trials, arrests and much more. The media doesn’t help either with the situation. The media broadcasts every single piece of info it could get when there is reports of a crime or an arrest. They also make a report if a colored person is abused and mistreated. The media also makes it seem like colored people are bad in all situations that occur. The amount of colored people that are arrested, mistreated, and profiled truly shows just how broken the justice system is.

The amount of colored people that is arrested truly shows how broken the justice system truly is. If presented the facts, it would be shown how black people is arrested at an absurd rate and amount of times. Some of this research includes that over twenty million traffic stops, it is showed that African-Americans are about twice as more likely to be pulled over than whites. Black and Latino drivers are even way more likely to be searched after they get pulled over. There is only about two percent of white motorists that gets searched after they get pulled over while six percent of African-Americans and seven percent of Latinos get searched after they get pulled over (). In 2015, research was found that police officers stopped colored drivers, but they didn’t give them a citation. This is what is called a “pretext stop”. A “pretext stop” is when the officer pulls over someone he suspects of doing criminal behavior without any good evidence. In 2015, African- Americans and Hispanics accounted for thirty-two percent of the United States population but, they make up fifty-six percent of all incarcerated people. All of the facts and statistics stated above shows the amount of colored people arrested and how broken the justice system truly is.

The amount of African Americans that is mistreated just shows how broken the justice system is. Proof of this is clearly obvious when on April 29, 2018, two black men had the police called on them by a white woman in Oakland over barbecuing. The lady said that the black men had portable charcoal grills in a public area where only non charcoal grills was allowed.() Further proof of colored people being mistreated is shown when a black Yale female student was sleeping in her dorm and got the police called on her by a white student because she assumed that she was out of place. The black student was interrogated for fifteen minutes by law enforcements.()More evidence of colored people being mistreated can be seen when two black males were arrested inside of Starbucks for trespassing. The men was just waiting for their business partner but, the store manager called the cops on them because they didn’t order anything.() There is even more cases of colored people being mistreated all over the country. White people calls on colored people for minor problems that does not require the involvement of police. One is forced to conclude that colored people just does not get treated the same as white people. All of these reports and facts just truly shows how mistreated colored people is and how broken the justice system is.”

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