My Plans for Christmas were Ruined

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One time each year, enchantment and spark take flight. Each home fills with joy as little children are nestled in their beds. Parents tiredly make their way to bed as the last present is wrapped tight with red thread. The house is all decorated with wreaths and the stockings are hung on the mantle beneath. Candle lights twinkle and glow as the glorious pine tree glimmers with pride. The clock chimes and finally Christmas arrives. Beneath the tree lays an extra special gift from Santa Claus. What could be in this gift, you ask. Here’s a story about how one little girl’s belief in Santa became real.

It was a magical Christmas Day. The air was crisp and snow blanketed every surface it touched. A burst of wind, the night before, blew the delicate snowflakes all over the Jones’ country home. The robin bird sits in its nest, the deer leave footprints in the snow, and up in the corner window, you’ll find a six year old girl named Jessica, cuddled close to her Winnie the Pooh Bear. Suddenly, the six year old’s alarm clock rings with Christmas joy. A pair of eyes open instantly. Moving the covers away from her body, she jumps up and runs to the window pane. The glass fogged her view, so Jessica wiped away the precipitation on her sleeve. Instantly, her eyes widen with glee as she scanned the fields. A blanket of white snow lined the ground. Squealing with joy, she runs down the stairs and into her parents darkened room. “Wake up” she screams as she pounces on her parents bed. Jessica’s parents yawn as they slowly place their red and green festive bath robes on. “Come on, come on” shouts Jessica. “Santa Claus came”! She grabs both parent’s hands and led them to the living room where a perfectly decorated Christmas tree was filled with presents beneath. Hurriedly, she grabs the first gift. Her father stops her. He chuckles, “ Patience Jessica, I will hand you the gifts”. Jessica’s father wanted to make sure that one extra special present, from the night before was left till the very end. Jessica’s mother put film into her black Kodak camera. “Okay, this first gift is from your mommy and I”. Her father handed her a present which was wrapped in the Little Mermaid wrapping paper. Jessica wasted no time. She opened the gift as her mother’s camera flashed. With a huge smile, Jessica pulled out Felicity, the newest addition of the doll that American Girl had created. Another gift was addressed from her grandparents. Jessica opened the perfectly wrapped box with the red bow settled gently on top. With excitement, Jessica says, “mommy look what grandma and grandpa got me”! Jessica pulls out a beautiful Little Mermaid Barbie doll. Her hair was perfectly brushed and she was dressed in the puffiest white ball gown. “You will have to call grandma later today and tell her how grateful you are for your Barbie doll”. Her mother takes the Little Mermaid doll and sets it n the opened gift section.

After the fourth gift, the address of the gift tags began to read from Santa. “Momma, did Santa really bring me all these presents”? Jessica could not believe that Santa had brought all these gifts for her. Once every gift had been opened, there was still one present wrapped with a big red bow. Jessica’s father handed her the present and told her that Santa Claus had one last special gift that he wanted Jessica to have. Opening the box, Jessica pulls out a little black cassette and a box with a note attached to it. The note read, “My elves have told me that you have been a very good little girl this year”. Jessica hands the cassette to her father and asks him to play it. He puts the tape into the camcorder and turns it on. Suddenly, Santa Claus appeared on the screen. “Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas, Jessica. I want to thank you for all of these delicious cookies that you left me.” The camera pans out to show Santa sitting by Jessica’s tray of decorative Christmas cookies that she had made the night before. Jessica’s face grew with excitement. She couldn’t believe that Santa had been in her house, eating her cookies. On the TV set, Santa stuffed the last cookie in his mouth and says, “Since you have been extra special, I left you one last special gift”. Jessica ran over to the box that Santa had left for her. After opening the box, she found a snow globe filled with her favorite Winnie the Pooh characters. Her mother walks over to look at the globe. “What do you have, Jessica”? She handed her mother the snow globe. Her mother began to turn the music box as the characters started to move. Disney’s Its a small world played as Jessica twirled. As the music stopped, Jessica turned and faced her parents. “Santa Claus is real”, she said with a big smile.

Santa Claus really did come to my house that special Christmas Eve. However, it was not that same Santa who lived in the North Pole. As I got older my parents shared the real man behind that little black cassette. My dad’s best friend, who was like my godfather decided to pretend to be Santa Claus because my six year old self believed in the magic of Christmas. To this day, I unpack that special gift that Santa left me and every year, it reminds me of Christmas’s true purpose. Though, I do not always watch the message from my childhood friend, I do remember how magical my childhood was because my parents taught me to love Christmas and the man behind the big black suit. Even when my little mind came to realize that Santa Claus was only a tale, I never resented my parents for telling me about a false fairytale. Instead, I appreciated at how far my parents went to secure the innocence of my childhood and allowed me to believe in the magic of Christmas. And so Christmas time was a time meant to believe again. To cherish the memories and the magic that happens once every year, Christmas truly is the most wonderful time of year.            

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