What’s Better Halloween or Christmas

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Updated: Nov 30, 2023
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What’s Better Halloween or Christmas

This essay will present a comparative analysis of Halloween and Christmas, focusing on their cultural significance, traditions, and personal appeal. It will explore the origins of both holidays, their evolution over time, and how they are celebrated in different parts of the world. The piece will consider aspects like the festive atmosphere, family gatherings, and the unique customs associated with each holiday, offering a lighthearted take on which holiday might be considered “better.” More free essay examples are accessible at PapersOwl about Christmas.

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The most wonderful thing about people is that we have different cultures, beliefs, and lifestyles in different countries around the world. That is the reason holidays exist; as marks in history to be remembered. Holidays are essential and fun because they allow people to take breaks from busy, mundane day-to-day life duties, spend time with family or friends, or just to celebrate culture and life. Some of the most common and widely-known holidays are Halloween and Christmas.

One celebrates spooky adventures, ghost stories, costumes, the season of fall, and everyone’s favorite way of getting candy, Trick or Treating! The other celebrates and resembles spirituality, love, gifts, family, religion, and winter.

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Both holidays are amusing and significant, depending on the person and their beliefs. However, Christmas is better than Halloween because it is more popular, exciting with various festivities, and is more meaningful. Overall, Christmas is one of the biggest events of the year that harmonizes society, ending the year in a magnificent way.

First of all, Christmas is a more popular worldwide holiday, compared to Halloween. For example, according to Statista.com, in 2018, about 70% of people in the U.S. were to celebrate Halloween, whereas about 90% of people in the U.S. are to celebrate Christmas. Furthermore, Christmas is celebrated in more than 160 countries, but Halloween is mainly only celebrated in countries such as the U.S. or Canada. Being more popular means that more people know about that culture and can relate or connect with other people all over the world. Since Halloween is only celebrated in a few places, not many people care about it as much as Christmas. Therefore, Christmas is superior to Halloween because of its popularity worldwide.

Secondly, Christmas decorations and activities are much more astonishing. For instance, the many decorations such as colorful lights, christmas trees, jingle bells, Santa, etc., light up the atmosphere for everyone. Although Halloween has some decorations including ghosts, creepy clowns, spiderwebs, graveyards, etc., they do not cheer people up or have much variety. In addition, there are many Christmas movies such as, “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”, “Home Alone”, “The Nightmare before Christmas”, but Halloween does not have several of its own movies. It just has a few horror movies to scare viewers, not showcasing the tradition of Halloween itself. Also, there aren’t Halloween songs, but there are so many Christmas songs, as evident by popular radio stations that play festive songs during the month of December. Because there are many more festivities for this time of year, Christmas is a better holiday than Halloween.

Lastly, the meaning of Christmas has always stayed true to itself. Although more people of religions or backgrounds other than Christianity are celebrating Christmas, it is commonly known as the holiday rejoicing the birth of Jesus (even though it is not His actual birthday), according to Britannica.com. However, Halloween cannot be pinned down to one purpose. Some celebrate it to remember the dead, some call it the “devil’s holiday”, and others just want to dress up in all sorts of costumes. In other words, Christmas is a wholesome holiday where it is reasonable to take a break and receive presents, while Halloween is a minor holiday that does not last very long or have a great impact on people’s lives. Therefore, Christmas is superior to Halloween because it has more meaning and purpose.

In conclusion, Christmas is better than Halloween because it is one of the main and biggest events of the year. First of all, it is a worldwide holiday that uses its popularity to bring people together. Also, it has many more fun activities and decorations than Halloween. Lastly, it is more meaningful because there is a clear story behind it. In the end, the main reason for anyone to dislike Christmas is the complaint of it being too much stress, but I say that, based on annual results, all that hard work always seems to pay off in the form of happiness. Also, it is said to be, “the most wonderful time of the year.” So, now it is up to the people to decide if they should spend their time watching scary movies in silly costumes eating candy next year, or setting up lights on Christmas trees while sipping hot cocoa to bring a little cheer and magic in their lives!

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