Summary of a Christmas Carol

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In the story A Christmas Carol is about a Ebenezer Scrooge, an old man who on christmas day is visited by ghosts. He was first visited by his old business partner, Jacob Marley to warn him about the ghosts that will be coming. Ebenezer Decides not to believe him until the ghost of christmas past visits him. The ghost shows him all of the bad things he has done in the past. He is shown how he has treated people badly, for example how he treated his fiance bad. When his career started taking off while he was engaged, he chose to stop spending time with his fiance and only work. This resulted in him losing his fiance and becoming lonely.

The ghost of christmas present showed him how all of his employees are suffering right now, how everyone around him is being treated because of him. For example he makes his workers work really hard and extra hours and they are all poor. He does not even care about his employees. The ghost of christmas future shows him how he is going to stay lonely forever and die alone. After seeing all of this Scrooge realizes that he needs to change the way he treats people in order to change his future. The mistake in this story is choosing money over people. Like when he chose money over being nicer to his workers. When he chose his work over his fiance. Another mistake in this story was choosing success over relationships. He would rather have a successful business than have friends and a wife. He rather be wealthy than be kind and liked by people.

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Everyone hated him because of the way he treated them. He ended up lonely and had no one when he grew old and needed someone to be there for him. In order for him to not be lonely in the future he would have to change everything about him he would have to be nicer to his workers and be nicer to charities and people in need of money. These are very important lessons to learn because if you are all work and no play then you will have nothing in the future. If you choose money and success over people and relationships then you can not expect anyone to be there for you or to help you when you need the help. You should treat people the way you want to be treated.

So if you want to be treated kindly and want help, then you should be kind to others and offer help if you have the resources to help. Money doesn’t buy happiness so do not be greedy with what you have. Also do not frown upon people who have less than you, because you do not know if that’s not their fault and what if they are struggling.

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