Disadvantages of Basketball being my Favorite Game

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Basketball was first introduced to the world in 1891 by Dr. James Naismith, using a soccer ball and two peach baskets. Today’s high-speed, physical sport scarcely resembles the original game. With modern basketball’s fast pace game come many opportunities for injuries. It is estimated that more than 1.6 million injuries are associated with basketball each year.

I am in love with basketball since I was a kid. The confirmation of it is that I am not afraid of any injures because even love hurts sometimes. Let me introduce this topic more deeply. In basketball, people get injured a lot from sprained ankles, jammed fingers, knee injuries, and many more. Basketball injuries affect the player and as well as the team of the player. When a player gets hurt in basketball it can cause a major drop off to what the person off the bench gives to the team to replace him. Types of injuries, ankle sprains, jammed fingers, and deep thigh bruises. These are some of the most common injuries that happen in basketball. When playing basketball physically, and aggressively you can sometimes expect an injury to happen. Injuries can be expected when you tuff a physical basketball game.

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Knee injuries are one of basketball’s worst injuries and a lot harder to play though than any other injury. The stopping and cutting hard can put ligaments and menisci of the knee at risk. An injury to the anterior cruciate ligament is a more serious injury and can occur with an abrupt change in direction and landing for the jump. Ankle sprains are a real bad injury for the basket, it affects the way your movement on court badly. An ankle sprain is a real bad injury for basketball, it affects the way your cut is on offense and your lateral movement on defense.

Treatment of an ankle sprain involves rest, ice, compression, and election. The need for x-rays and evolution by a physician is determined on a case-by-case basis. If you don’t wanna be sidelined stretch your ankles and wear ankle braces for games or practice. When you get a jammed finger it’s not a good feeling at all, and it’s hard to play through.

When you get a jammed finger it’s not a good feeling at all, and it’s hard to play through. Jammed fingers can affect your ball and shooting skills. Applications of ice and buddy taping the finger to the adjacent finger may provide some relief and allow the athlete to return to play. Stress fractures come when an athlete over train. When you train more than you should your body starts hurting in areas it shouldn’t. Stress fractures in basketball most commonly occur in the foot and lower leg(tibia). Ways you can prevent basketball injuries, Hydrate adequately, waiting until you are thirsty is often too late to hydrate properly.

As a result of this growing field of research, physiotherapists have been equipped with the tools and clinical tests to assess your proprioceptive ability in order to intervene with a client-specific training program, and monitor improvements over a period of time to continually assess your risk levels. These assessments are particularly important for those who have had previous ankle injuries to help reduce recurrence. If you have a current injury, or you would just like a thorough assessment to potentially reduce your risk of injury, join us in the clinic and we can provide you with guidance and a personalized strengthening and control program to assist your athletic endeavors.

Current injury prevention programs may be effective in reducing the risk of general lower extremity injury and ankle sprains, but not anterior cruciate ligament injuries in basketball athletes.


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