Depression Can Come out

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Updated: Jul 21, 2019
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Depression Can Come out essay

(G) Fewer than half of teens or young adults with a mental health problem will receive treatment in any way possible. A study says that only about 11% of Americans from ages 12 to 17 have been through depression or mental health problem in the past couple of years. (BK) Kids, teens, and adults can be depressed and live their life with depression and no one will have a single clue because it’s hard to tell and people might not think much of it so it’s really important for a teen to talk to a trusted adult at school or at home. (T) Depression is very different in many ways and is usually really hard to tell or understand but it can be prevented, there is a lot of ways that cause depression and the side effects are really bad that it can lead to someone killing themselves this is why it’s so important for people with depression to speak out to a trusted adult or just someone they can trust in general.

Depression can come out of nowhere and even the best of students can carry this disease, without no one knowing. Even your closest friend and own family might not expect you would do something really tragic and this really tells that depression can be very unpredictable. Talking to a trusted adult about Depression can really be helpful, It may feel like no one understands when you try to explain to others that feeling you have inside, but you might not have the worst case because there is a lot of people with the same problem. There are many ways to get help with depression and each person has a different story to tell. It’s better to seek help in maybe a group of people with the same problem or speak to a doctor and seek medical help or just speak to your family it’s important to share your story and what you’re going to through and get treatment. Explaining your symptoms will help people that are willing to help you, including yourself, understand what it is you’re going through your mind and body.

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(C) The thought of struggling mentally or physically can be a huge problem on someone’s life and might have a chance to lead to Depression, Depression can be different for others and it can happen to anyone, (BK) an example of an unpredictable depression and a very stressful week is Ciara Webb, she was a beautiful blond with a sunny smile according to her fellow teammates.(A)She began to stop hanging out with her friends randomly, Ciara racking up four f’s her parents were going through a troubling divorce and she was angry at the world and this caused her to take her own life. This could have been avoided if she told a trusted adult. (E) Ciara wasn’t talking to anyone, says a friend. “She was like a deer in headlights.She seemed to be having the worst weekend of her life she even tweeted it She was mad at the world says, mom. The next day she attended a boys soccer game at six and 2 hours later she went for a walk and never returned, Ciara’s death shook her school and community to the core. Cady’s parents split up six months before her death.No One knew how deep the teen’s distress ran. Cady was bubbly, outgoing no one thought she would have done this. (Halpert, Rosen). (A) This shows how anyone can be caught by depression

(C) There are so many different ways to tell that someone has depression and the effects are awful. (E)Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital has partnered with KSPS to work on a video on five common warning signs that can help you understand that a teenager might be depressed. It’s very important to know how a teen usually acts and the typical behavior for a teen. (Lind) To understand how useful these drugs are in helping teen depression among young people a study team led by Dr. Andrea Cipriani, a psychiatrist at the University of Oxford, Conducted a test of 34 different stages of antidepressants involved around 5,000 children of teens taking 14 different antidepressants these antidepressants may become addicting when their prescription runs out and teens can move on to illegal drugs it is so easy for a teen to decide to take his own life Without help a teen may take his/her owns life and no one would know.

(C) Depression can be treated but it’s not easy it may involve some snooping of a person’s social life check their text messages or any social media. (E)Treating kids with mood disorders in children and adolescents is tricky business. (Alice)(E) (Gard) The centers for disease control reported that a survey of students in grades 9-12 at schools in the United States revealed 16 percent of students reported seriously considering suicide 13 percent reported creating a plan and 8 percent reported trying to take their own life in the 12 months preceding the survey. (Hales). In the research having to talk to an adult that can be trusted is what makes a situation very different without it problems begin to happen more and then they show. (A) For most Americans, only about 10% of depression is due to a lack of healthcare and only around 20% has to do with people and their environment. But a staggering 50 percent is the way that the person lives in. Now all of these causes together will make the final effect which is depression or suicidal thoughts. This also shows how easily teens are to get this illness, In the article, it states that 13 percent reported planning their own way that they’re going to commit suicide.

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