Best and Hardest Part of being a Teenager

What is the hardest part of being a teenager now? What’s the best part? What advice would you give a younger sibling or friend (assuming they would listen to you)?

A teenager is a young individual with the age ranging from thirteen to nineteen years. They are given the name teenager because the number of their ages ends with “teen”. Traditionally societies undertook a formal ceremony which marked a transition from childhood to adulthood.

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Teenagers experience puberty stage (Harrison, 217).During that stage, there are rapid and physical developments that occur in their bodies. The changes vary from time to time and from girls to boys. The changes are both emotional and physical changes. Some of the changes that occur to girls are  development and enlargement of the breasts, development of the hips. Experiencing the menstrual periods which occur every month. Feeling attraction to the opposite sex, development of pimples on the face and growth of pubic hair. To the boys they also experience some changes in their body  such changes include broadening of the shoulders, development of the deep voice, and a growth of the pubic hair, development of hair under the armpits, around the anus and on the chest.

Some boys develop beards. Teenagers experience adolescence which is the transition from childhood to adulthood. In United States teenagers between eleven and fourteen years of age attends middle school and one between fourteen to seventeen years go to high schools. Due to changes in the body of teenagers, it becomes difficult for them to cope with those body changes. This paper will discuss the hardest and best part of being a teenager. It will also provide advice to the teenagers. The teenagers experience some hardest part in their teenage life. To start with, the teenagers want to act like adults but adults don’t take them into account. They try to mimic what the adults are doing but adults do not recognize them.

This makes teenagers be embarrassed since they normally want to be recognized. Again, teenagers experience physical changes which are accompanied behavioral and psychological changes. Such changes are not acceptable to some societies and people surrounding them will rebuke them for such unnecessary things. This makes it hard for teenagers to lead their life. Nevertheless, family members want teenagers to behave more womanly or manly which is hard for them. Teenagers want to do things that will make them be recognized like funny dressings, then it becomes difficult to match their expectation and the expectations of the family members or society.

Moreover, teenagers experience bullying in their teenage. Fellow teenagers sometimes are cruel. Most teenagers face hardest time during schooling where bullying is exercised. Bullying is so traumatic and very few teenagers escape it. Peer pressure forces teenagers to conform to standards and hobbies which makes teenage life hardest (Kazan kaya, 250). Lastly, teenagers lack independence and privacy. They are told to act more mature but at the same time, they are treated like kids. Teenagers lack privacy and do not enjoy their independence.

Although being teenager has some difficulties, it also has the best part. First teenagers have more freedom than responsibilities. They have the freedom to manage their social lives entertain themselves using evolving technology. They also treated as young adults and they are in charge of their own actions. They can drive a car, can go to Saturday night and following day have no responsibility. If they happen to have the job they can spend the money in whatever they want. Again, teenagers have all their energy and opportunity of becoming what they want (Kazan kaya, 250). They are the young people with power and ability to change their future or destiny.

Lastly, they experience the life of not knowing where they will be in future. This makes them try different things, be able to take risks and remain open-minded without worrying about the future plan.Teenagers should understand that teenage stage is just path of passage. They should accept the changes and difficulties they pass through and use the opportunities that they have so as to develop good future and have a happy life in their adulthood.

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