Death of a Salesman’s Sense of Emptiness

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Updated: Jul 03, 2021
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Death of a Salesman’s Sense of Emptiness essay

Many people today in society haven’t given mental health disorder any thought. Researchers did a study in the US and found that 15% of people are impaired with BPD. Many people don’t know these people with BPD suffer with constant daydreaming and not knowing reality from memory. Let Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman, show readers the sense of emptiness by applying symbolism through key events in his writing, eye opening contradiction, and revealing metaphors.

Contradicted memory leaves many people with a touch of fatal being, not knowing if they lost a piece of themselves long ago. For instance, look at the quote ‘’ I just thought you’d like change- I don’t want change!’’ ‘’I want Swiss cheese Why am I always being contradicted’’(Miller 17). In this argument between Linda and Willy it shows a trick involving Willy not being in that moment. He’s off somewhere else dark inside during that time and place. Willy doesn’t know Lindas is in the same moment. This clearly means some people can’t tell what’s real and what’s imaginary. That leaves their loved ones to crash and burn seeing that they’re ok in their own mind but opposite for the other.

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Miller’s acknowledgement of metaphors can make you grasp the attention of one’s own loneliness, showing there’s a little dark in anyone. ‘’ The gist of it is that I haven’t got a story left in my head, Biff’’(Miller 107). In Miller’s writing we can see that something is happening to Willy, since Willy is getting close to do something wrong, and thinks its fine but no-one else even notices. Understand Willy can always get help with what’s happening to him but he refuses to. Each time he keeps doing so he moves closer to the void losing what’s close to him in reality but gains more in memory.

Although there is many symbolized events in Miller’s writing the rubber hose is the most significant symbolized event in the play. ‘’ In bed that night, Linda asks Willy what Biff has against him, and reminds him to ask Howard Wagner for a sales position in New York. He tells her he is too tired to talk. Biff, meanwhile, searches in the basement and is horrified to find the rubber hose behind the heater. He takes it and goes upstairs to bed’’ (Miller 38). Willy is too stubborn to hide his past sins behind his family’s back, or his own failure in his career. Willy prefers to dream big never to face what’s real in reality. Willy begins to benefit more in dreamland and loose less and less as time comes to a end for Willy.

Written in the 1950’s Death of a Salesman demonstrates what a typically family grew into uniformity striking out on their own known as the beaten generation. This set in motion Miller’s writing style showing that the older generation had forcefully griped onto the next generation. Allowing the beaten generation move farther away from their home roots. Rebelling against their parents values making parents stressed and afraid of what they had done wrong. Leading to Millers point is we never have to much time for memory but we reshape reality to our hearts desires.”

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