Basketball is my Passion

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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I’ve been thinking a lot about the idea of passion. What does passion mean? What can It help create for your future? Why do some people enjoy this passion, but others don’t? Those questions are what people think when choosing a passion.

“The stands are packed, the crowds cheering. Sweats roll onto the floor. The air is thin, and the hardwood floor is cold. Your team is down by 2 in the 4th quarter with 4 seconds left. Your coach calls a timeout on your possession. The coach gives you a breakdown of what to down. You’re going to be the person who takes the last shot. You start to panic and get a little nervous. You will be the person who can win or lose the game.

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“You got this!”, exclaims your teammate as the ref hands your other teammate the ball. You take a deep breath, and planet your 2 feet into the playing area. The years and years you have infested of hard work and dedication will come to fruition. The teammate passes the ball to you. You take a deep breath, then the shot. You score! Everybody’s screaming and cheering for your team. Your teammates pick you up and start cheering your name. You feel good. You did it,”

My passion is simple. My entire life I have been passionate about basketball. From the second I can remember, basketball was just something that I loved, and it put me in a place of control. It was a sport that I can use to escape from my troubles in the real world, I place that I can have fun. The basketball court is where I feel most at home, and it’s the only thing I want to do as a passion. The reason why I love this passion so much is that basketball pays a ton of money.

You wouldn’t have to worry about paying off mortgages, bills, taxes, school, etc. You wouldn’t have to worry about your 401K plan or having enough money to pay off your wedding or paying for your children’s colleges. Sitting in front of a computer and constantly worrying about money for years and years on end just isn’t for me. I don’t want to stress out because of work, or write written reports, or dress nicely and wake up at 6:00 AM every morning just o my boss won’t fire me. This has been my passion since 2nd grade.

Being a professional athlete still has obstacles. Grades are very important when it comes to basketball. I make sure I have all A’s throughout my school career so colleges will be sure to pick me. As long as I work hard, have good grades, and not hang with the wrong crowd, I can make my dream come true.

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