Why Segregation should be Stop?

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Segregation was abolished years ago, but some states still allow it. When segregation was in act African Americans were separated from the Caucasians because they were thought to be better. The African Americans fought for a change until it finally happened.

Now that it is over states should not be able to treat colored as if they are trash. The government needs to put an end to it once and for all. Colored people are going to continue to fight until this is established.

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We deserve to be treated because we are all made from the same thing and no one is more perfect than the other. 

 Segregation was passed several times in the 18th and 19th century because Americans believed whites and blacks were incapable of coexisting. Whites were always treated better than blacks because they thought of us as animals or more specifically “monkeys”. According to the article after slavery was abolished, African Americans continued to be marginalized by Caucasians. Colored people were still being marginalized through enforced segregated and diminished access to facilities, housing, education, and opportunities.
People should be treated equally colored people should not have to be scared to come out their door or should be careful on how to look at certain person. African Americans were never treated like prizes but somehow the Caucasians found a way to call themselves trophies as if they are any better than the rest. All the time the colored people were treated like peasants, they would make names they finally gave the name “slaves”.
The white men would even rape their women slaves. Only thing is if you hate the black kind so much why rape them, they hated them so much they would beat them until they could barely stand on their feet. Slaves had to sit on the back of the bus, if you were on the front of the bus and a white man or woman got on you would have to move. If you would not move, you would be taken to jail. The whites hung African Americans just because of a race, they hated the colored people with a passion. 
Once the time came, they mad a group call the “Ku Klux Klan” these people would burn houses, churches, buses, and most of all black people. People would do this only for admiration, only so they could be free of the colored. Somehow, they managed to lynch innocent people, they even, they even lynched kids. No one cared for them, they just wanted them dead or working for them. The slaves were beaten, torn apart, and killed, but the whites could do this. 
Slaves were thought to be dumb or not as smart as the owners. There was one slave that was as smart as anybody else maybe even smarter and her name is Harriet Tubman. Harriet Tubman was tired of being treated like an animal, so she did something about it. She escaped slavery and helped others get to where they wanted to be, far away from slavery. Everyone wanted there to be a change, but everyone was scared to do something about it except for Mrs. Tubman. She was known as the conductor of the underground railroad. Also known as Moses, she served as a scout, spy, guerilla soldier, and nurse for the Union army during the civil war.
Moses saved so many people that if you found her or killed her you would be rewarded forty-thousand dollars. Harriet was never caught and she never lost or left a slave behind. If you wanted to be free and have a normal life you would be as quiet as you can and you would keep going. The Caucasians or the people in charge wanted to find her, they were scared she would have managed to get every slave to freedom. 
If she could have got everyone to freedom she would have because she was so fed up with being treated like trash on the street. She ended up dying but no one would ever forget what she did and has done for many slaves and many African Americans. Harriet was a soldier and she fought for what she and many more deserved. She wasn’t scared to fight for what was right she was a fighter and protector. No one stood in her way and no one had a chance of finding her. She led the railroad and died a free and happy black woman. Moses had everyone scared, she had everyone wanting to take her life because she was so great at what she was doing. Tubman never let anyone down and still to this day she is greatly respected.
Slaves would get the skin beat off of them, their dignity was ripped right out of them and they still had to work for the people who brutally hurt and killed some of them. If the slaves died they didn’t care they would just go and buy another one. African Americans were auctioned off like foods and goods. Yet no one seemed to see the problem. Mothers were raped, fathers were beat, and the worst of them all children were separated from their families. 
In “Blowing in The Wind” by Bob Dylan he says “Yes, and how many years can people exist before they are allowed to be free”. Dylan is saying how long are slaves going to be beat and killed before they can be free. Slaves fought too hard and too long for freedom they had to deal with the harshness just to be able to be free. Police would take them to jail for no reason, they would even be put in jail if a white man or woman said so.
Colored people fought for a change and they deserved it a long time ago and we are still here with slaves still be legal. The government is supposed to protect all human beings no matter their race. To this day there are African Americans somewhere being beaten until they bleed out. Kids are still being separated from their families and they are being murdered too. It took for so many colored people to be brutally beaten and them dying for segregation to end.
Even when it ended the white people still did not care and they still did not respect the African Americans even though they respected them. Kids and families could finally be together as one. No one had to work in the sun or the cold, no one had to go to sleep with fresh scars on their backs. Everyone had a great and happy life. People may believe segregation was better and needs to continue.
Now that segregation has ended women no longer have to be scared for their safety and their private body parts. Slaves stopped being auctioned off to new families. Everyone got the opportunity to live and start a new free life. Segregation is put to an end, after a long time of struggling, crying and abuse slaves are free men and women all because they believed.
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