All about Harriet Tubman

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Do you know the name Harriet Tubman. Well you should, this girl she was brave and stood up for freedom and other people. Harriet Tubman isn’t here real name either it was Araminta Ross! “She was in the army for some of here life”. and was a slave as well.

Early life

Harriet Tubman(Araminta Ross) January 29 1822 was born into slavery in Maryland. When she go older she married a free man but was still a slave. In 1849 Harriet Tubman escaped to Philadelphia.

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Her brother turned back because they were too scared to go on.She returned to Maryland to rescue her Family one group at a time. She helped dozens of slaves and escape on the Underground Railroad. Harriet Tubman saved slaves and she would have a signal for if it was okay to go or not. If she would sing, go down Moses, slowly and quietly that would mean that coast is clear. If she would sing, go down Moses, fast and loud that meant they were being followed and coast was not clear. If people would say they are to scared and they want to go back she would pull out a gun and say you will die a slave or be free a slave. Slave owners put a bounty for her that was $40000 that was like a million dollars today. “Harriet Tubman acting alone escaped from Slavery in 1849”.

Army life

When the civil war started she worked for the Union Army. She started as a cook and nurse. Harriet then became a spy for the army. That was because the union army recruited her because they knew that she had the experience of the land and saving slaves.When war broke out Harriet Tubman fought with the union army. Harriet guided the raid at Combahee Ferry and saved 700 slaves.

When the war was over she retired and left to Auburn new York to take care of here parents. Harriet Tubman spent the rest of here life working for the elderly in a elderly home. Harriet spoke in support for women rights. She died on March 10 1913. It was a sad day for everyone.”

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