Who was Harriet Tubman?


Did you know Harriet Tubman started working as a slave when she was 6 years old?

Harriet or Minty had a weight thrown at her head and it cracked her head and she suffers from seizures and headaches. She also had narcolepsy then Minty got married to a free black man named John Tubman. Harriet Tubman took her name from her mother Just because John was a free man it didn’t make Harriet a free person two. Harriet knew that running away was dangerous and that if she was caught she would be punished.

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Harriet Tubman faced a hard childhood of violence and hard labor. She lived in the south and she wanted to live in the north where she could be a free black woman. Harriet suffered from narcolepsy and seizures because a 2 pound weight was thrown at her head. Harriet


(Harriet left her plantation on September 1849) and she went with a few people but they turned back and left Harriet all alone. Her place or destination was Philadelphia Pennsylvania about 100 miles away from Maryland. Right before Harriet set off she told her secret plans to a friendly white woman who gave her some names of people who would help her hide from the slave catchers. The people that would help Harriet were part of an organization called the underground railroad and they would hide runaway’s. Harriet made it to Philadelphia safely and she would keep that rout in her mind forever she helped her family back home.

Fugitive Slaves

In 1850 the congress made the fugitive slave act and that made it easier for slave owners to find escape slaves. Slaves that lived in freedom for years and now they had to worry about going back to being slaves. Some black people moved to Canada and Harriet snuck back into Maryland 12 to 13 times trying and succeeding to free her family she would disguise as a woman or a guy. In 1851 Harriet’s husband had got remarried Harriet had a statement and that was “God Gave Me Visions Of The Future”. In May of 1857 Harriet saved her parents from slavery and in 1860 Hariet made her last trip.

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