The Rules and Process of Soccer

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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The Rules and Process of Soccer

This essay will provide an overview of the rules and gameplay of soccer. It will cover the basic rules, objectives, and structure of the game, including player positions, scoring, and officiating. The piece will also touch on the evolution of the rules and the global appeal of soccer. You can also find more related free essay samples at PapersOwl about Football.

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When you hear the word “soccer” do you right away freak out like most of Americans do, well I will explain why you shouldn’t. Soccer is a beautiful sport that is played across five continents. Americans have a wrong understanding of playing soccer because they believe their kids will get hurt playing soccer, but they encourage their kids to play American Football when it is even more dangerous than soccer. There is a rules and process of playing soccer. Soccer is a sport played by two teams that consist of 11 players from each team, each team must have a goalkeeper in the goal and there must be a referee to officiate the game.

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There must be one referee in the field and two linesmen on the side of each halves to help the referee in the field. The game is played a duration of 90 minutes total and 15 minutes rest in between the halves. The game is played in a rectangular field, the team must have a goalkeeper inside the goal and there might be four defenders, four midfielders and two strikers depending on the coach tactics. Some coaches might prefer three defenders, four midfielder and three strikers. each goalkeeper has a box where they can only use their goal the ball must stay in the field during the play or the team that play the ball out of play will lose the ball to the opponent and the opponent will play back the ball to their own team mates to continue the match.

Any player who foul a player gets a yellow card first time and when the same player foul second time in the same match the player gets red card and the player must leave the field and the player may miss the next match depending on the officials of the sport. If a player commits a foul in his/her own box, the referee will award penalty kick. Penalty is free shot from 36 feet from the goal line for opponent that was fouled inside the goalkeeper post. All the players inside the field must use their feet to play the game except the goalkeeper. The only exception a player inside the field apart from the goalkeeper may use his/her hands is when the ball goes out of play, the player will use his/her hands to throw the ball to his/her own player using hands. If a player commits a foul outside the goalkeeper box, the referee will award a freekick. Freekick is a direct kick towards the goalkeeper or the player might decide to pass the ball to his/her own players. If a player uses hand inside his own goal box, the referee might award a penalty kick as well depending on if it was deliberate or not. The striker must be behind the defenders when the ball is played to him by his players or the linesmen will award offside. It is very critical for the strikers to watch their run and positioning when the ball is played to them or they will easily loose the ball to their opponent. Strikers are very important for each team because they are the ones who score the goals for the team.

Strikers main duty in the field is to link up the play and score goals, while the defender’s main duty is to keep the strikers offside and defend the ball is onside. The midfielders are the ones who feed the strikers the ball so the strikers can score and win the match for the team. The midfielders are very important in the match because they defend and attack in the game, they are the ones who run a lot in the field because when they have the ball they are supposed to burst forward with the ball and assist the striker to score the goal. Soccer is a repetitive sport and an art at the same time, in order to be a good soccer player, you must train repetitively until you master the art of the skills. Apart from training repetitively you must eat right and get enough sleep. The secrete to mastering the art of soccer is eat, sleep and train repetitively. I have been lucky enough to master the skills while I was in Kenya, I was playing for a great high school and I was being watched by soccer scouts in every match because I was scoring and assisting a lot. A lot of scouts got in touch with my high school coach and my coach told me about it numerous times and I felt good, I had a big dream of becoming a professional soccer player in Kenya but when my family decided to move to united states when I was only 16 years old I started giving up on playing professional in Kenya.

When my family moved to small town in Missouri called Columbia, I was enrolled in a high school with no soccer team and that is when my dream started dying. The process of being a good soccer player is not easy but once you got the grip of it, it will be fun. Soccer has always been a scape from outside world because when I am on the field, I forget everything outside the field and the only thing that I focus on when I am in the field is getting the ball and enjoying as much as I can. It is very important to learn the rules before you start playing because you don’t want to be offside or cause a foul in the match. I have been playing for soccer for too long and it is very frustrating to lose the ball to the opponent because it gives an opportunity for the opponent to have the ball and possibly score a goal. Soccer is contact sport, but it is not as dangerous as American people makes it look. It is very surprising because a lot of American society because encourage their kids to play American football when it is more dangerous than soccer. I have watched American football before and every time I watch the game a player gets injured, so it is clearly more dangerous than soccer. Soccer is very fun with minimum contact and every player will be penalized for every foul they make; the players have to be careful to commit a foul or they will lose the ball to opponent.

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