The Importance of a Mentor in Achieving our Goals and Dreams in Life

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Updated: Jun 28, 2022
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A basketball player name Stephen Curry has similar effect in my life, like Malcom X had in Coates life. Stephen Curry has a similar effect because Stephen shows perseverance, gratitude and humbleness when he plays. Him showing this characteristic teaches me to never give up when life gets difficult or does not go my way, to be appreciative of what I have, because some people would wish to have the opportunity that I have in life, and to always be humble because everyone’s life situation is different.

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This influence me like how Malcom X influence Coates that he should never give up on his life and he should persevere his life. Yes, I do think that public figure that someone looks up to can be a significant other in someone’s life based on the influence the person have in the community. The public figure can be a positive or negative image. If someone looks look up to somebody, they must cherish their value, and what they believe in. The public figure can be the significant other because the person feels connected with the public image because they believe and value the same believes as them. A mentor is someone that helps somebody to achieve their goals in life, making sure the person is making the right decision in life. The job of mentor is important because a mentor is not always going to sweet talk someone.

Mentors are going tell the person the reality of life. Mentors are always there to listen to someone complains, and they are always ready to help the person out to the best of their abilities. I think the importance of having a mentor is to build someone’s confidence, and mentors can relate to someone situations because that might have experience the same situations before. Malcom x is Coates mentor, because Coates believes that Malcom x never lied unlike the schools and their façade of immortality, unlike the streets and their bravado, unlike the world of dreamers. Coates loved Malcom x because it made plain, never mystical or esoteric. Coates believe that Malcom x was the first honest man he had ever had. Malcom x has a lot of effect on Coates because Coates feel like he could connect with Malcom x. This shows a mentor has a powerful effect on somebody. I think it is necessary for someone to have a significant other in their lives because it helps some to keep focus on achieving their goals and dreams in life. It would also bring out the best in someone, and the person will always try their best because they do not want to disappoint their significant figure. It is also necessary to have a significant other because the significant other is always cheering and supporting them even if they disappoint, and they are always there for the person, and the person can lean on to them for motivative talks, and positive advice.

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