A Big Mistake i Made

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Updated: Oct 13, 2019
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Not all opportunities in life are effective a student life is full of many ups and downs. Personally, I happened to be caught off guard last year when I made the biggest mistake in my life. I received an invitation letter for a job interview at Google.Inc .I presumed that this contract was an added advantage to me since I could raise enough money to finance my school life and improve my living standards. Little did I know that the company was offering a full-time job I left my self-wondering how about school?

My first day with the Human resource manager at the company seemed like I am in heaven, yet I had to stay calm and wait for the oral interview, as I was joined by other applicants. The toughest part of the oral interview was when I had to explain to the HR whether I would manage to comply with the companies rules and regulation and the school at the same time. I staked a lot in school since it will pave my way for a future career but here had I started applying what I learned in class in the real-life experience?

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With all the courage I answered to the Human resource manager that I have to commit myself to both school and the job since I had no other source of income furthermore many students out there were wishing to get such an opportunity I had, some threaten to call off school for job to build their financial background. And I saw like a blessing as I was staring my career at an early age and the best time, what I had was to just work hard in books and try to balance the two, I lacked parental advice since I was far from my close relatives and nobody by then could advise me. Definitely, I started my new Job and joined the team of Google Inc. market researchers. Two weeks before the start of the school semester I was officially oriented to Google Incl. and started my new role.

It sounded funny but helpful to me. I some of the duties I was assigned to do were evaluating competition in the market, monitior clients satisfaction and customer prevalence I consulted clients on specific project requirements and designed questionnaires and interviews. This was very enjoyable to me as I was exposed to many individuals and developed a lot of experience such as interpersonal communication and learned on how to relate with people. The job earned me some dollars and I felt fit to the society. I advanced and started living a better life than some of my schoolmates at least I knew I was heading somewhere a step ahead in life. When the college reporting date was announced I explained to my supervisor that I had to attend school, to their surprise I never looked land behaved like a student. I behaved maturely and In every conversation with the administration, I was to show respect and maturity.

So the chance was a guarantee that I attend some lectures. After expressing my real situation to the mentor in the school, he said that it was a nice step that I decided to start working, but thought I earned some money from a job I could have concentrated much in school. I started feeling where I went wrong but I motivated myself that I trust I will do best in school as I have been doing. The company allowed me to work on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday. This sounded good though It meant that I will buy all chances miss the lectures scheduled on those days. Life started to be tough I had to wake up very early in the morning revise my notes and leave for a job .Consequently the I stated failing in many of the examinations in school, my tutors advised me to seek peer counselors who might really advise me on what to do. I hesitated and hoped that if I work a bit harder I will improve academically.

At the same time the managers in the company I worked for noticed that I missed for some days and I did not attend job as per the contract requirements, I explained that I was sitting for my examinations at the school. They seemed not to believe and decided to do a pay cut on my monthly salary” this was so painful to me since this come during the time I was made to pay my school fee. I had to get half of the total salary. I had to seek financial aid from my classmates though most of them were broke ” I managed to get a loan from an old-time friend. It started becoming tricky for me when I promoted to be an executive market researcher in the Google Inc. I was to attend the job premises on daily basis and I had no other option now. This forced me to decide to Skype most of the classes from Monday to Friday. I never knew that I was digging my own grave in academics. I was fired from the Google incl. A few weeks later for me really could not cooperate with fellow employees since I was all stressed. Further, I have announced the most underperforming students in the college and a requested to retake the course right from the start of the first semester since My GPA could not allow me to attend the next academic year. I regret this situation and I cannot advise any other student to fall into the same trap like me .I made a big mistake.

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