Why i Want to be a Mentor

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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Why i Want to be a Mentor

This personal essay will explore the author’s reasons for wanting to become a mentor. It will discuss the value of mentorship in personal and professional development, the desire to share knowledge and experience, and the satisfaction derived from helping others grow. The piece will reflect on the author’s own experiences with mentors and how these have shaped their desire to mentor others. At PapersOwl too, you can discover numerous free essay illustrations related to Employment.

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First, you look for a teacher, then you become one.

Getting yourself a mentor is the secret desire of every novice businessman.

Becoming a mentor is already a new stage of professionalism. And he is much closer than he looks. To do this, you do not need to devote your whole life to one business, receive 74 awards in the chosen field and wait for the students to find you themselves.

The events that are happening to you and your experiences have made you who you are now.

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You have become more perfect thanks to achievements and knowledge, mistakes and failures. Any of your experiences can help those who are just starting their journey. The great thing was said by journalist Margaret Fuller: “If you have knowledge, let other people receive light from them.”

Mentoring is a symbiosis. You share your wisdom with others, and it helps not only them, but also you.

Why become a mentor
To be happy, you need to help others. When you seek solutions to other people’s problems, you withdraw from your worries.

Working on someone else’s difficult situations allows you to look at your own problems with a new perspective.

To feel significant and in demand, you need to share knowledge. Being a mentor means being influential, inspiring and motivating. This is useful to both parties. For the student, you are a source of knowledge and energy. For you, student respect is a source of happiness and confidence.

Passing on your knowledge and experience increases self-esteem and job satisfaction.

To develop continuously, you need to find a student. As a protege gains new knowledge, a mentor hones skills:

– leadership skills;
– interpersonal communication;
– establishing mutual understanding and trust;
– analytic skills;
– decision making skills.

Through mentoring, the mentor is faced with new challenges, opportunities, and emotional rewards that he would never have faced.

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