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“Founded on April 1, 1976 by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in their small makeshift garage, Apple is an American company specializing in the design and marketing of high-tech products highly prized by consumers around the world such as the iPhone, the iPhone and the iPhone. iPad, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iPod or its App Store application platform.

Before returning to success from the 2000s, the brand at the apple had to go through difficult times and it was nearly erased from the map in the early 1990s following commercial hiccups on the various products of that time, the emergence of Microsoft with Bill Gates and especially the eviction of his brain Steve Jobs on bad terms with the board of directors in 1985. On the stock market, the Apple stock was the first market capitalization of the world between 2012 and 2017 before leaving it to Microsoft. Well! We exchange places again.

For my part, Apple is one of the best examples of recovery at the industrial level because it was able to challenge itself with the return of Steve Jobs in the late 1990s and take the right turns at the best time in the image of mobile devices. To go into detail, a description of the personality that is at the center of success and a financial, sectoral and strategic analysis are necessary to really understand the reasons for this success story.

What Apple has done unlike its competitors is to understand what the consumer really wants. Its greatest success compared to the competition that has a lag time and the obligation to be inspired by it, is to break technological obsolescence, that is to say to make their products authentic and indispensable in time . Firstly, its products are multifunctional because you can listen to music, watch news, play video games or learn foreign languages at your fingertips and in a mobile way. Secondly, they are nice to look at the design level. Third, the Apple brand focuses on the performance, stability and security of their IOS operating system for mobile devices and MacOS for computers that are the real demands of the consumer. Thanks to the authenticity of its products, Apple has managed to create the desire to the consumer. In order to keep it lasting, it offers a rich portfolio of free applications via App Store and music, movies via iTunes at prices competitive with those of traditional distribution. Finally, the other tip that seems to me perverse and intelligent from the brand to the apple is the fact that the customer will be forced to go through it to replace a basic accessory such as a power connector or a HDMI cable. Roughly, Apple must persuade in the mind of the consumer that it is not left abandoned when needed.

Apple offers a one-year warranty on all products. This applies regardless of the model and the place of purchase. The service is provided through the Genius Bar, via Apple Support (phone, chat or email) or an Apple Authorized Service Center, even if the product has not been purchased from Apple. In case of failure or defect, it is then repaired or replaced. If a part is damaged (for example if the screen is cracked), the service may be charged, even if the problem is not related to the case in question. In addition, the Apple warranty is worldwide and may be applied even if you are abroad (or if you bought your Mac in Honolulu). No need for an invoice, your serial number allows the technician to find your purchase date.

Apple is a Private for-profit company; the size is considered very large company more than 132000 employees. Apple has a very directive direction; the decisions are centralized is extreme pressure strong on the member of the company with a cult of leader very mark. this is explained because the style of direction is in relation with the personality of the leaders is Steve jobs was perfectionist.

The accounting and financial information and subsequent business decisions is affected the internal and external boundaries of the company are a fundamental concern for both financial investors and managers. In fact, the accounting and management perimeters of organizations are becoming more complex and are becoming less visible and less stable (for example, apple). The evolution of economic models, the multiplication of the legal and financial vehicles used by the groups and the variety of possible contractual or financial relations between entities of the same strategic set are the main factors involved. The accounting model that identifies the group (through consolidation) only partially restates this complexity. In addition, taxation, administrative and social management rules (through the notion of Economic and Social Unit) and the recommendations related to the Corporate Social Responsibility, impose also different readings of the group perimeter.

Recent Financial Performance

Apple earned $ 62.9 billion in this quarter, just under 20% more than last year’s results for the same period. Profits are $ 14.125 billion, again a nice increase of nearly 32%! This record fourth-quarter fiscal figure is not based on exceptional iPhone, Mac and iPad sales; on the contrary, they are not very brilliant. It is necessary to read in these dazzling sales the result of the rise of the prices practiced by the master.

For the full year of 2018, Apple continues the momentum of 2017, with a growth of 16%: think, the company has a turnover of 265.9 billion dollars. As for profits, they are also up 23.12%, to 59.3 billion dollars. The manufacturer sits on a big pile of gold: the cash in stock amounts to 122.6 billion dollars. The problem this quarter is sales volumes. Apple has sold 46.8 million smartphones this summer, an increase of 0.45%. Stable growth and above all, a figure below the expectations of analysts who expected 48.4 million units. The iPhone accounted for $ 37.1 billion during the quarter (+ 28.9%). The range of smartphones remains Apple’s cash cow.

IPhone sales over the fiscal year remain stable at 0.45%. That still represents 217.7 million units sold for 166.7 billion dollars raised (+ 18%), but obviously Apple has reached a glass ceiling. Maybe the iPhone XR will be able to boost sales? In any case, Apple has managed to increase the average basket of the iPhone, which stands in the third quarter at $ 793, an increase of $ 69 from the third quarter. The iPad also shows signs of fatigue, with 9.7 million tablets sold during this quarter. The range shows a drop-in sale of just over 6% compared to last year. The “”iPad 6″” effect, released in March, is no longer felt. Fortunately, Apple launched new models this week … By the way, the average price of the iPad has increased to $ 421 (against $ 410 in the third quarter), a sign that customers have turned to Pro models again. The iPad has accounted for sales of $ 4 billion, a figure down more than 15%.

Over the fiscal year, the iPad does not fare so bad with a small drop in sales of 0.5%. It’s better than 2017 (-4%) and 2016 (-16.9%). In terms of turnover, the tablet weighed this year 18.8 billion dollars (-2.1%).

Tim Cook is obviously excited by these results, while Apple delivered during this fiscal year its 2 billionth iOS device and celebrated the 10th anniversary of the App Store. Luca Maestri, the company’s chief financial officer, says Apple has paid its shareholders $ 23 billion in dividends this quarter, for a total of $ 90 billion for the year. The first fiscal quarter of Apple, it is usually a real fireworks of dollars, and for good reason since it covers the holidays of end of the year. Logically, this should be the case, Apple having multiplied the new products between his two keynotes of September and October! With refreshed ranges of Mac, iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch as rich (we get lost, say) and not particularly cheap, the manufacturer will certainly touch the jackpot this end of year. Apple expects a turnover between 89 and 93 billion dollars and a nice margin of 38 to 38.5%. Apple also warns analysts: the expected results for the last three months of the year may not match their expectations. The builder highlights exchange rate fluctuations and economic uncertainty in emerging countries.

Profitability through operational and net margins exploded exponentially until 2012 thanks to sales of its flagship products which are the iPhone and the iPad. Concerning the return on own funds (ROE) and on assets (ROA), they follow the same trend. However, ROE has exploded upwards since 2013 with a record around 55% in 2018. This is explained by the use of debt at relatively low interest rates. Despite the rise in ROE, the slowdown is felt because the surprise effect on developments in Apple products has faded. Let’s say that the iPhone and the iPad are democratized.”

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