Same-Sex Marriage in America

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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The common person in the world is looking to be accepted by someone in our society. The generation we are living in is constantly evolving and that brings the acceptance or rejection of new ideas. One of the most spoke upon topics in the recent years has been, the marriage of Homoosexuals, or same-sex marriage. This topic of constant debate is of same-sex marriage and it can be weighed on its effects on religion, legalization,individual concerns and even economically.

Religion drives more than just what we believe in, but its is our foundation and platform for what we stand for and against and one of the most common religions in the America is christianity.

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Although, christian beliefs are against the idea of same sex-marriage there are other religions who have different viewpoints. One step towards the acceptance of the LGBT community was, “On July 4, 2005, the United Church of Christ passed a resolution titled Equal Marriage Rights for All, becoming the first major Christian denomination to officially support same-sex marriage”(Par1.) .This shows that some christians are having a change in view and accepting the LGBT community. Change is not easy as and all are not open to change. For example, “I don’t discriminate against anybody — I serve everybody that comes in my shop,” … “I don’t create cakes for every message that people ask me to create”(par.5). This is why change is necessary.Christianity is a religion that teaches us to love and accept all,yet we turn our backs on its teachings and discriminate towards those who are attracted to the same sex.This is one way to move forward in our society as we break the foundation of normality and adapt to our growing world. Multiple religions have opened up and began supporting same sex-marriage as they adapt to the new world around us.

Same-Sex marriage promotes a equality and non-discrimination in society. As it becomes a more common representation and the LGBT community continues to grow, our society and culture will only become more diverse. Civil-unions are already allowed by some states and the marriage of the same-sex is legal in certain states it is not yet completely supported by the nation. Those that participate in homosexual marriage have a harder route compared to those who are in heterozygous marriages. In a survey took on the legal rights of gay couples these were the results collected, “Americans are almost evenly divided among the three responses: 32% said same-sex couples should receive the same rights as married couples, 35% said they shouldn’t, and 32% said it doesn’t matter to them personally” (par.6). This survey shows that although most Americans feel gay couples don’t deserve the same rights as couples that aren’t gay, it shows that most of the country is not bothered by same-sex marriage. The truth about this topic is that “Americans are evenly divided” by this subject and not everyone is going to support.

The benefits of being in a gay marriage are not the same as being in a normal marriage, as you lose some of the privileges other couples might have. One thing that varies for gay marriages is that they have to file separate taxes, unlike the counterpart they are not allowed to file joint taxes. Gay couples are not legally allowed to be married in certain states. The discrimination towards gay couples is not constitutional and is has created a gap in society.

Same-sex marriage is not normal and it is not right. It is something we grow up and become taught that boys should like girls and girls should like boys. We read in the bible the story of adam and eve and see man was made for woman as woman was made for man.Although this the normal reality to us we have to be open to change and still respect ones decision of a constitutional right. If u dont agree or support it it does not mean we cant live in equality because we prefer different.

Gay marriage should be supported by all,as it is something that is apart of our evolving society. It may not be what we were taught is right or we may not support it,but we should respect those who make the tough decision to live their lives in a such a demanding and judgemental world as a Homosexual. No freedom till we’re equal.

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