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The Refugee Crisis

Many people become refugees due to political conflict, religious persecution, and environmental degradation. Currently 25.4 million people have been forced to flee to other countries as refugees (Huber and Reid). Many refugees struggle to find a safe place to live once exiled from their country. Not all places welcome refugees; therefore, they are at risk. […]

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What is Refugee Crisis?

Many people become refugees due to political conflict, religious persecution, and environmental degradation. Currently 25.4 million people have been forced to flee to other countries as refugees (Huber and Reid). Many refugees struggle to find a safe place to live once exiled from their country. Not all places welcome refugees; therefore, they are at risk. […]

Pages: 7 Words: 2153 Topics: Refugee
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The Untold Journey of a Refugee

Stranded at sea with no hope. Passengers squeeze into cramped space trying to fit hundreds comfortably. Lost with no sense of direction, refugees look for a glance of free land. To reach freedom though refugees pay a price, that can be very unfair. During their journeys they will be physically challenged, placed in a storm […]

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Social Determinants Impacting Refugee Health in the U.S.

Introduction Since 2011, over 13 million Syrians have fled their homes in order to escape the civil war that has broken out in their home country (Gelardi, 2018). These refugees are victims of a hazardous environment, which has become too dangerous to live in since the war has brought violence and destruction to their home. […]

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Problem of Kurdish Refugees

At the start of the relief efforts coalition forces took over and began moving the Kurds back to Northern Iraq and refugee camps were developed. Although, the coalition forces began the efforts both they and the Iraqis wanted the United Nations to swiftly take over the remaining relief effort operations. The coalition forces, mainly composed […]

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Refugee Research Paper

Refugee face many struggles, from dealing with the problems in their country, finding a way to get out of the country, the journey, and living a normal and stable life in their new country. Some face more than this, the deaths of family members and friends, leaving behind people, and leaving behind memories. Though every […]

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The Process of Refugee Resettlement

Encouraged movement which also helped to develop distinct enclaves within the Ottoman Empire where each community developed their own customs, traditions, and modes of governing- electing their own respective officials to collect and distribute taxes owed to the Ottoman Empire, established schools, and provided social welfare programs. Thus during the formation of the Syrian state, […]

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Case Study – Refugee Relocation

This case study suggests appropriate theories and concepts that can be used to understand a client who has been forced into migration and relocation, first to a refugee camp, and subsequently to the United States. Theories and concepts are presented to provide the necessary tools to understand the client and her family, in order to […]

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The Global Responsibility for the Refugee Crisis

As a South Korean, I have been considering the refugee crisis that has been a highly politicized issue recently in my country as well as an argument around the world. These days, many countries around the world face conflict that whether they should accept refugees or not. One such man, author Ban Ki-Moon, wrote “The […]

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Afghani Refugee Crisis: Hope for the Best

One of the biggest problems in today’s society is when people are not welcome in their own home city or country. This could be caused by war, an intolerance for their religion or political views that don’t align with their governments. It could also be a personal choice by the person. They could have a […]

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Is Human Flow an Ideology-Free View on Refugee’s Crisis?

Ai Weiwei is a Chinese contemporary artist and activist, born in 1957 in Beijing and currently living in Berlin as an exiled Chinese Activist. Ai Weiwei in this new documentary Human Flow continues his artwork calling people’s attention to human rights violations while expanding his art to a global crisis: the refugee crisis. Human Flow […]

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Outdoor Activities for the Well-being of Refugee Youth

Refugee and asylee youth often struggle with many issues and barriers after resettlement. Amongst those issues are loneliness, isolation, lack of social and community support, and connection. The major barrier that aggravates these issues is the lack of accessibility due to transportation, finances, lack of social connections and networks. These issues and barriers often have […]

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The Refugee Crisis and the Theory of Altriusm

Over the past couple of years, we have experienced an influx of refugees from countries in the Middle East with large Muslim populations such as Syria and Yemen into the western continents such as Europe and North America. This has ignited a polarizing political and social debate not only between opposing political ideologies, but so […]

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Syrian Refugee Research Project

All around the world today, millions of people are forced to flee from their homes due to problems such as war, racial tension, or religious oppression. These people have to abandon years of hard work to move to safety, leaving behind all of their belongings. This summer, we read a book called Refugee, by Alan […]

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The Issue of Immigration and Refugees in Society

My current event is on the issue of Immigration and Refugees that is going on in our society. Immigrants have been the back bone of what made America great. This country is supposed to be the land of opportunity. For the people that come here that is all that they hear. Wanting a fresh start […]

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About the Refugees

“What happens in a few days, sometimes even in a single day can change the course of a lifetime” (Hosseini) and here it is about 19 years, 5 months, 4 weeks and 1 day. Every single day, every individual fought within, and against oneself to a point where even the reason didn’t matter. The WAR […]

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Corporations are Becoming more Powerful as Global Political Actors

“A rise in the mistrust of institutions and governments, the growing trend for corporations to engage in social and political responsibility, and changing consumer ideologies and expectations of corporations contribute to this new phenomenon. Consumers are increasingly looking to corporations to tackle traditionally government-handled issues. Some would argue that corporations are becoming a political moral […]

Pages: 11 Words: 3433 Topics: Corporate Social Responsibility, Homosexuality, Immigration, Leadership, Motivation, Progressivism, Refugee, Research

The Impact of Migrant Remittance on Economic Development

As ordinary rural pastoralists, Somalis have prolonged been worried in shifting from one location to another, and on the grounds that the advent of borders, from one u . s . to another. The nomadic traditions have been overtaken in the last 35 years of navy dictatorship and civil war, by way of pressures of […]

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The Problems with the Return Directive

The problems of migration and asylum are among the most controversial issues the European Union is facing, currently. Indeed, the number of people wishing to enter the EU, both legally and illegally, does not always correspond to the Union’s capabilities (this has become particularly evident in the light of the 2015 refugee crisis). Moreover, the […]

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