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Mentor Essays

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A Study on Television as the Digital Mentor

Words: 981 Pages: 3 1294

“A nursery school teacher told me her children were crudely bopping each other much more than previously, without provocation. When she discussed it with them, they protested ‘But that’s what the Three Stooges do.’ This incident did not signify a serious undermining of character, but it certainly showed me that watching violence can affect a […]

Topics: Mentor, Social Psychology, Violence

Reflection on a Mentoring Relationship for Professional Development

Words: 510 Pages: 2 1087

With my final mentoring meetting coming to a close, I belive that this may have been the most valuable meeting since the beginning of this project. After Mr. XXXX and I reviewed my resume I discussed my concern with my double major. I wasn’t sure if it was the best course for my aspirations, but […]

Topics: Empathy, Learning, Mentor

The Importance of a Mentor in Achieving our Goals and Dreams in Life

Words: 490 Pages: 2 1101

A basketball player name Stephen Curry has similar effect in my life, like Malcom X had in Coates life. Stephen Curry has a similar effect because Stephen shows perseverance, gratitude and humbleness when he plays. Him showing this characteristic teaches me to never give up when life gets difficult or does not go my way, […]

Topics: Experience, Mentor, Psychology

The Wise Old Man in the Story of Mentor in Greek Mythology

Words: 688 Pages: 2 1322

The wise old man is a person who provides wisdom, guidance and knowledge to people that are generally younger than themself. This person also acts as a father figure or a mentor to the person that they are providing their wisdom to. He is always around when his students do not know what to do […]

Topics: Mentor, Mythology

The Influence and Contributions of my School and Mentors in my English Writing

Words: 930 Pages: 3 1039

We are used to write in a very academic way, I believe is because we have learned that in school we require certain rules, structures, and appropriate language in order to express our ideas and opinions with the reader. In my previous years in school I still remember the time when I could not even […]

Topics: Cognition, English Language, Language, Mentor
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An Analysis of the Topic of the Nowhere Without a Mentor and the Gotama Buddha

Words: 422 Pages: 1 1371

As the journey called life unfolds, imagine what one would be without mentors. Mentor is a vague word used to describe a person who helps another, who is trusted by another, who is a counselor to another, but most of all is someone who influences another. With no mentors or guides the title character in […]

Topics: Buddha, Buddhism, Mentor

A Personal Account of being a Mentor to a Younger Student

Words: 517 Pages: 2 1133

I can’t really say I have been a mentor to others. It’s not very often that you see me giving advice to someone in need, but I have done it before. It happened last year during the first month of school. I was talking to a grade 9 student in the English room. He seemed […]

Topics: Mentor, Psychology, Social Psychology

A Importance of Mentor Selection in High School

Words: 683 Pages: 2 1040

The transition from high school to college isn’t always an easy one. Living away from home, the newfound freedom coupled with a whole new world of people can be anything from unnerving, to misleading. There are various obstacles that need to be overcome and important decisions and choices to make. However colleges, especially those like […]

Topics: Learning, Mentor, Psychology

A Description of the Impact of Teachers as Mentors to Children

Words: 430 Pages: 1 1068

Teachers are perceived as mentors to the children they resume the responsibility of both a teacher, as well as a parent. They are supposed to take care of the children well being, as well as teach the child the upright morals the child is responsible to. Learning domains addressed and other learning domains could be […]

Topics: Mentor, Psychology, Social Psychology

A Description of a Mentoring Relationship and the most Effective Solution to Solve Problems

Words: 562 Pages: 2 1245

I am working in EDA (Electronic Design Automation ) Industry and have most of my friends in this industry. These are my thoughts on mentoring : Most people would not feel comfortable with the idea they could use a coach. For some reasons, a coach is not a commonly discussed concept in business, and so […]

Topics: Communication, Mentor, Psychology

The Mentors Tremendous Impact to the Life of a Youngster

Words: 945 Pages: 3 991

Becoming a mentor can have a tremendous impact on the life of a youngster. Children need someone to look up to that doesn t necessarily need be a part of their immediate family. Sometimes they have no siblings, or maybe their siblings or parents are busy. Perhaps they have no grandparents to do things with. […]

Topics: Criminal Law, Mentor, Social Issues, Social Psychology

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